EVN Culture

Core Value


Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is a leading economic group in the power sector  in Vietnam and in the region, plays a key role in the task of ensuring national energy security.


 To meet the power demand of the customers with better and better quality services.


Enlightening trust

Core value

Quality – Trust

EVN honors this value with the goal of building trust and credibility with the quality of the product and the services, honesty and responsibility. EVN commits to every partner to ensure the quality which is the major aim and to meet the increasing demands of the customers.

Devotion- Wisdom

EVN desires its employees to be devoted and have high sense of responsibility. The members of EVN bring out strength and wisdom to fulfill the work effectively, wholeheartedly serve to bring satisfaction to the customer and for the happiness of the people.

Collaboration- Share

EVN respects the collaboration and harmony, and always cooperates in a spirit of honesty, fairness, ready to share, works closely together to solve all the problems , grows together, acts together for the success,  and progress of EVN, of each member of the organization and of the EVN partners.

Creativity- Efficiency

Creativity is the development leverage of EVN. EVN desires to create a favorable environment for people to enhance creativity, technological innovation, management processes to deliver the highest performance, putting EVN to the leading position in the power sector in the country and in the region.

Ethical standards

Every action of the EVN is oriented towards human, for the sake of  human.

EVN acts for the joy and the happiness of the people. EVN builds relationships with customers, partners, colleagues, investors, society by the goodwill, friendship, humanism spirit. In the operation of EVN, people is always centered, internally within EVN, the employees are considered the most precious assets to help EVN succeed.  

EVN always honors the responsibility and devotion dedicated to the work and customers

The guiding principle of the action of EVN is to fulfil its obligations in the capacity of an  important economic group of the economy and of the country. Every member of EVN commits to act for the national interest and the prosperity of the Fatherland.  

EVN commits to respect the law, unbiased action, honesty, sense of justice and transparency

In all its activities, EVN always complies with all provisions of the current law, internal management regulation of EVN and the units. EVN respects the rules, etiquette in communication, courtesy, honesty in relationships, objectivity, transparency, fairness and equality in relationship with the external stakeholders (customers, partners, communities) as well as internal stakeholders (employees, owners, managers).

Strength in every action of the EVN is consensus and collective intelligence

EVN has the spirit of solidarity, partnership and innovative working which is the synergy to achieve the set targets.  

EVN strives to deserve the trust of the country and the people

EVN respects its commitments to the clients, partners, faithful to the spirit of the core values, implementing commitment by its practical action.  

5.3. Enforcing Culture

Commitment to the party and the Government, "Electricity will be one step ahead"

EVN commits to fulfill the tasks entrusted by the Party and  the Government, to ensure a safe, reliable power supply with stable quality  serving the development of the country of Vietnam. It is a reliable tool for the party and the Government to stabilize the macro-economic policy, contribute to the prosperity of country, to make the country to be shoulder to shoulder with other  advanced countries in the region.

Each employee of EVN is fully aware of the role and responsibility of EVN for the national energy security

Commitment to its employees "The employee are the most precious asset"

-Always ensure secured employment and living standard of its employees

- Ensure transparency and the establishment of fair remuneration and reward.

- Encourage and appreciate the innovative ideas and facilitate to the maximum level for the creative ideas to be  applied in practice.


Internal behavior "EVN family: In the agreement and harmony”

The culture of communication

- Neat and elegant outfits as stipulated.  

- Behave with proper courtesy and rightness in communication (greeting, shaking hands, talking ...) in conformity with hierarchy and culture of each  region.


-Always treat each other on the basis of equality, mutual respect, no infringement of the privacy of personal matters, solidarity, cooperation in every aspect.

The culture of work

- Heighten individual responsibility, no blame culture.

- Be dedicated to work, perform fully the responsibilities assigned, ensure the job done efficiently and in timely fashion.

- Always cooperate, share information and knowledge to get the job done for the common interest of EVN and for the development of the country.

- Have the sense of keeping the workplace tidy and green , preserve and use of the assets of the company as if their own asset,  and care for the shared properties.

- The management to facilitate their subordinates to present their own ideas,  create a happy working environment, respect individual point of view and be responsible for their own decisions. 

- Subordinates have the right to debate and discuss their ideas to improve their work. Once the decision is made by the superiors, the subordinates will respect and comply.  

Behavior with customers "customer is our existence"

Each of the employees of EVN is the ambassador, representing the cultural value of EVN when in contact with customers.  

- Always listen and care for the customers with respect and devotion.

- Absolutely eliminate the impolite actions, gestures, words, intimidation and bureaucracy.

- Answer the queries from the customers  on the basis of the regulations of the State, of EVN with the punctuality, the right content, adequacy and clarity.   

- In readiness to provide sufficient and authentic information to customers.  

- Each of the employees of  EVN has the responsibility to solve or contact the person who can answer the queries of the customers, and see through the process to the end. 

Relations with partners "cooperation and development"

EVN considers partners as their friends, always desire to build friendly and sustainable relationships, on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and trusting each other.

-When working with domestic and foreign partners, the staff of EVN confirms the role, the position through his courteous manners, proper etiquette and punctuality.

- When dealing with business, EVN respects the law, healthy competition on the basis of advanced technology and good quality product.

- When working with foreign partners or going on a business trip abroad, the employees of EVN comply and respect the law and culture of the foreign country, agreements and treaties Vietnam has signed or participated.    

Guarantee of the benefits of the community "For a  developed community"

- EVN strives to fulfill its obligation to bring electricity, knowledge and joy to everyone in the community, including those living in rural, mountainous and island areas.

- All the activities of the EVN are facing to common interest of the society, of the community, not for any individual and partial development.

 - Organize, encourage and facilitate voluntary social activities by its staff such as gratitude, charity and environmental protection.

Commitment of  environmental protection  "To protect the Common House"

- EVN strives to apply the advanced, clean and environment friendly technologies aimed at bringing efficiency, savings and environmental mitigation. EVN also commits to implement adequate investment for pollution control, increase of environmental quality for all the projects owned and invested by EVN. 

 - EVN commits to encourage its staff  to enhance their perception and positively participate in the activities aimed at improving, preserving and developing the environment at the office as well as in the community.

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