Completing synchronization of the generating unit No 1 of the Duyen Hai 3 Thermal Power Plant Project with the national grid

The generating unit No 1 with the capacity of 622.5 MW has been successful synchronized at 23 hours 52 minutes on September 15, 2016. The highest power in the first synchronization by HFO fuel of the unit is expectedly 150MW. At present, the contractors continue to perform the tests according to the provisions of the contract to run the unit reliably in September 2016 and to put the unit into official operation in December 2016.

This event is of great significance, marks a milestone achieved by the project and leads toward another important milestone - to provide the Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC)  for the generating unit No 1 in December 2016 and the PAC  for the generatiing unit No 2 in February 2017. 

The Duyen Hai 3 thermal power plant is located in the Duyen Hai Power Centre. It consists of the two generating units with total installed capacity of  1,245 MW (2 x 622.5 MW).The annual energy produced is about  7.8 billion kWh (equivalent to about 9% of energy of  the entire southern Vietnam in 2016). When operational, the power plant will increase the capacity of power supply to serve socio-economic development in the Mekong Delta and reduce the energy to be transmitted from North to South, reduce   power losses and increase safe, stable and economical operation for the power system.  

The power plant uses imported coal with modern combustion technology. It guarantees high standards of availability, performance, stability, safety and meeting the environmental protection requirements by applying the method of dust filter, deNOx and deSOx through the modern and advanced equipment available today. The fuel used for the power plant is imported coal.  Coal will be transported to the power plant by means of waterway transport with the weight up  to 30,000 DWT.

During the commissioning of the generating unit, the project owner together with the supervision consultant requested the contractor to comply with environmental requirement by putting the environmental equipment into operation such as electrostatic precipitator (ESP), exhaust gas treatment (FGD, SCR)  to ensure the environmental emission parameters as specified in the approved Environment Impact Assessment (EIA).  

The management of the quality of the construction was done consistent with the current regulations of the State. To date construction items are accepted, meeting the requirements of the contract.


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