Customers in Hanoi Capital enabled to search electricity bill on smartphone

EVNHANOI proclaimed that customers could use their smartphone with iOS, Windows Phone or Android operating system to download “EVNHANOI CSKH” software available on app stores free of charge.

“EVNHANOI CSKH” software on Google Play

By accessing the app store of Apple, Microsoft and Google, customers could download “EVNHANOI CSKH” to their smartphones to look up all information including recording schedule of electricity meters, electricity bills, review and comparison of the power amount and bills of two consecutive years, monthly data displayed in graphs, power cut schedules, current electricity tariff, etc.

This application is also functioned to automatically notify customers on the new date of electricity meter recording, bills and other notifications.

Customers without signing in could still look up information on instructions for procedures on power services, power usage advice, safety advice, instructions for e-bill download, etc.

  • 01/02/2016 04:00