EVN Activities in 2015: a view through social eyes

In 2015, despite many difficulties and challenges on climate change, obstacles on investment capital, etc., EVN still made a strong impression with the social community in general. Let’s check out how experts, journalists, power customers perceived this difficult year of EVN.


Mr. Tran Viet Ngai, Chairman of Vietnam Energy Association: 2015 – Big goals, hard challenges, indelible imprint

There is an undeniable fact that during the past time, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has successfully played a key role in the investment and development of power sources and power grids, supplying electricity for socio-economic development and people’s life, making great contributions to the industrialization and modernization of the country.

In 2015, the greatest achievement of EVN was promoting investment, ensuring the progress of power source and grid projects. Up to now, there have been many projects being put into operation, such as Vinh Tan 2, 3, 4 project with capacity of over 3,000 MW; expanded Duyen Hai 1, 3, 3 project, Lai Chau, Huoi Quang Hydropower plants, etc. The projects implemented by the Power sector have always been finished early, observed the rules and regulations of the Government, and brought benefits of billions of VND. Apart from that, the power grid has reached all over the country thanks to the focus on construction investment, ensuring the connection between the sources and the grids, providing sufficient power to regions, especially Southern area. This is one of the outstanding achievements of EVN in 2015.

 An important milestone achieved in 2015 by EVN was extending the national grid to rural and remote, border and island areas. In the North, the power has reached extremely poor communes in Lai Chau, Dien Bien and  the Northwest, etc.  The investment to bring electricity to rural, mountainous and island areas has contributed to poverty reduction, supporting the Central Government and local authorities to promptly solve socio-economic problems, maintaining political and security stability in key regions, especially in five Central Highlands provinces, the Southwest and the Northwest.

 The five power corporations had dramatic achievements also, especially in improving the quality of customer service and implementing the Government’s energy saving program.

 Coming to 2016, EVN's duties are still very heavy. To meet the growth speed of the economy, EVN needs to promote corporate restructuring, improve labor productivity, continue technological innovation, ensure power production with high efficiency. Along with that, it is necessary to soon complete and put electronic measuring system and remote metering technology into operation as well as to develop the underground power system.  

Journalist Thanh Mai, Department of Economy, Ha Noi Moi Newspaper: EVN has comprehensively completed the construction investment

In 2015, Vietnam Electricity successfully completed the five-year plan from 2011 to 2015 with remarkable results, especially in the construction investment. The national power transmission system is safely, stably and continuously operated , significantly contributing to ensuring power for socio-economic development and people’s life with an average growth of more than 10.6 % per year. The national power transmission system has been rapidly developed with 113 substations and 20,456.3 km of power transmission line, increased nearly 1.5 times. Total capacity of transformers reached 60,514 MVA, nearly twice the capacity of five years ago.

During the past five years, regarding the National Power Transmission Corporation only, with the total value of construction investment of more than VND 75,300 billion, 263 power projects were completed and put into operation. 500-kV ring circuits of Son La - Hoa Binh - Nho Quan - Thuong Tin - Quang Ninh - Hiep Hoa - Son La in the North and Phu Lam – Cau Bong - Tan Dinh - Song May - Phu My - Nha Be - Phu Lam in the South were installed, contributing to improve the stability and reliability of the power supply and transmission system. The Western power grid was connected to the Southeast one through Nha Be - O Mon and Phu Lam - O Mon 500 kV lines. The projects of improving power transmission system capacity such as “Upgrading the capacity of capacitors along the entire North-South 500-kV line from 1,000A to 2,000A”, and “Installation of Pleiku - My Phuoc - Cau Bong 500-kV line” were completed on schedule, ensuring power supply for the country, especially the South; timely releasing capacity of Lai Chau, Son La, Huoi Quang, Ban Chat, Quang Ninh, Mong Duong, Vinh Tan, Duyen Hai, Nghi Son, Vung Ang, etc. power plants.

The 220-kV network and substation projects aiming at ensuring adequate power supply for Hanoi were completed and put into operation despite difficult conditions, especially in terms of site clearance. During the period of 2016 - 2020, which is identified as the period with many difficulties, in order to ensure the power transmission system to be operated safely, stably and continuously for economic, socio-political, security and defense activities as well as Vietnam power market, EVN needs to change from extensive orientation to intensive orientation, improve the quality of management and administration, use resources reasonably, ensure production with profit, preserve, develop and accumulate the capital for development investment.

Journalist Do Dinh Dung, Department of Economic Affairs, Industry and Trade Magazine: EVN ensures to supply power safely and stably despite unusual weather

In 2015, the weather changed in a complicated way with extremely heat causing drought, many hydropower reservoirs did not supply sufficient water, especially for the Central Highlands area; Then storms and floods in the North, particularly from late July to early August of 2015 in Quang Ninh, affected the coal supply for electricity. But with hard efforts, EVN managed to operate the power system and prepared backup power source, ensuring adequate supply of electricity for socio- economic development; water supply for agricultural production and the living of people.

 In addition to investing into improvement of power quality, reduction of power loss, EVN adopted advanced technologies in the management of investment and production; continuously improved service quality and customer care. During the hottest period in the middle of the year with additional charge increase, at the same time with the adjustment of electricity tariff, plus some errors made by meter reading staff, people became angry, EVN carried out quick verification, timely gave satisfactory solutions.

 It could be said that in 2015, EVN made comprehensive innovation from management, business administration, administrative procedures; human resource training to transparent information disclosure in production and business, aiming for the benefit of customers. I believe that with the enthusiasm, experience and the continous innovation of EVN leaders, together with the determination and solidarity of its workers and employees, EVN will certainly achieve more success in the year 2016 and the years to come.

Ms. Dinh Hoang Yen - Head of Marketing Department, THT Communications Company, Ho Chi Minh City: Manufacturers always receive support from EVN

Over the years, Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation has been trying its best to serve our company, ensuring a stable power supply with minimal incident. What we are most pleased about the Power sector is the sincere cooperation, enthusiasm and understanding. The current stable power supply is a good condition for us to expand production in near future.

Especially, the registration procedures for using electricity services has been much more favorable than in previous years, procedures have also been simplified. Instead of going to the power offices, now, we can do transactions via phone, internet, etc. I feel really convenient and  pleased about this.

I am quite impressed with the change of EVN's service attitude. Changing the mindset in such a large corporation like EVN is not simple. I could see that EVN staff are truly polite and appreciate customers when talking with them; there is no more uncomfortable bureaucratic attitude. Service quality is also becoming better. When my company had electrical problems, the technicians came quickly and were very supportive although it was lunchtime. Sufficient power supply, especially in hot summer has also been assured, creating favorable conditions for us to have better production. I think that is very impressive.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Vuong, Lane 100 Kim Nguu, Hanoi City: Innovation towards civilization and modernization

I think when customers pay for electricity services, they, of course, want to have the best ones. EVN’s service quality has recently been innovated, which contributes to improving people’s life and make the enterprises confident in their production and business.

I highly appreciate the innovation of service quality of EVN towards modernization and civilization. EVN has supported customers to pay electricity bills quickly through convenient methods, such as Internet banking, SMS banking, etc. Previously, cashiers came to households to collect electricity payment, but I often come home late from work in different time, so I could not manage to pay on time, it was very inconvenient. Therefore, when the customer support service is innovated, I think it is a big step to bring EVN closer to customers. Moreover, EVN’s investment in good infrastructure construction and supply of stable power has facilitated us a lot as its customers.

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