EVN put national and community interests over its own

It was confirmed by Mr. Duong Quang Thanh - Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, Chairman of Management Board of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) at the 86th anniversary of the founding date of Vietnam Communist Party (3 February 1930 – 3 February 2016) and the Conference of 2015 Sum-up and 2016 Plan which took place in the morning of 3 February 2016 at Hanoi.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Pham Tan Cong - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Central Enterprise Block, Labor Hero Thai Phung Ne - former member of the Central Party Committee, former Minister of Energy.

EVN Party Committee is the higher- grassroot one, consisting of 18 Party subsidiaries, in which there are 16 basic level Party committees and 2 grassroot units.  Total number of current Party members: 3,171 comrades at more than 150 Party units all over the country.

At the ceremony, Mr. Duong Quang Thanh recalled the great historical significance of the founding date of Communist Party of Vietnam (03 February 1930). EVN Party Committee was originated from the Party units of Yen Phu power plant and Bo Ho power plant during the revolutionary struggle. EVN now has over 150 Party organizations, 700 Party units and more than 20,000 Party members on a national scale.

In recent years, with the leadership and orders of the Central Party Committee, the Government, the Party Committees of Central Enterprise Block and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, EVN Party Committee has achieved comprehensive results, led EVN to perform successfully political duties assigned by the Party. EVN Party have made innovation in working methods, in giving directions and management, with the scientific methods, focused leadership capacity and combativeness of the Party organizations and Party members with uncompromising attitude. EVN Party committee was recognized by the Party Committee of the Central Enterprise Block as the leading one in the field of professional tasks and being the strong and transparent Party Committee.

86th anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (3 February 1930 – 3 Februay 2016) and the 2015 Sum-up and 2016 Plan Conference

"EVN always puts national and community interest over its own by bringing electricity to rural areas, borders and island, contributing to political protection, security and defense of the country, contributing to change of agriculture, farmers and rural areas in Vietnam. The hydropower plants have provided water for agriculture, control of the Red River flood, etc…Power system of Vietnam stands the second position of the Southeast Asia power system and the 30th world-scale system (nearly 38,800 MW by end of 2015). In particular, 100% of districts, 99.8% of communes and 98.76% rural households have access to electricity through national grid. The achievements of the power sector have received the consensus of the whole society, strengtherning the People's trust in the Party, the Party Secretary, Chairman of Management Board of EVN, Mr. Duong Quang Thanh emphasized.

At the Conference, the Chairman of EVN stated: EVN Party Committee will constantly innovate and strengthern the leadership role of the Party on the political, thinking and organizational aspects; promote enterprise restructuring, apply advanced science and technology, build management system with high corporate governance, enhance productivity, ensure efficient performance, focusing on adequate supply of electricity for socio-economic development and daily needs of the people, making profit, preservation and development of corporate capital; building  corporate image with dedicated, friendly, responsible, wholeheartedly serving customers manner with better quality services, contributing actively to the goal of quickly bringing our country to become an industrialized country toward modernization as agreed in the Resolution of the 12th National Communist Party Congress.

 Many groups and individuals made outstanding achievements in the fulfillment of Party duties and received awards from the Party Committee of the Central Enterprise Block.

Some of the EVN Party tasks set out in 2016 

1. Regarding political tasks

• Ensure adequate supply of electricity for socio-economic development and daily life of people

• Lead to execute projects to meet the progress and quality set-forth

• Lead to improve production and trade efficiency; improve the labor productivity; strive throughout EVN and each unit to meet profit target

• Complete EVN restructuring tasks, further improve the corporate governance capacity

• Lead to perform well the national defense and security and social safety.

• Continue to promote the democracy and anti-corruption, saving practices and waste control. Strengthen the inspection and checking; be active in integration with the world.

• Maintain jobs, improve the living standards of employees

2. Regarding Party building

• Continue to innovate, improve quality and proficiency of political and ideological education and train political theory

• Renew the personnel organization, improve the qualification of staff and the internal political protection

• Strengthen inspection and supervision, maintain strict disciplines

• Improve the quality of public relations and activities of mass political - social organizations

• Promote the implementation of the 4h Central Resolution, the 11th term

• Lead to implement efficiently the learning and following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh

• Regularly performing the periodical and annual sum-up meetings to check on the criteria set-forth in the resolutions of the Central Party Committee, Party Committee of the Central Enterprise Block and EVN Party Committee is an important basis for the executive committees to make relevant adjustment in line with the practical situations.

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