Hanoi to remove overhead power lines and cables on 200 streets.

In 2016, an interdepartmental task force of Hanoi (including the Department of Construction, Department of Information and Communications, Hanoi Power Corporation) has strived to complete the removal of overhead power lines and cables on about 200 streets. Streets in Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem, Dong Da, Hai Ba Trung districts and main roads shall be prioritized.

Accordingly, the interdepartmental task force shall conduct the removal and rearrangement of all overhead power lines and cables across the entire lighting system (steel or centrifugal concrete poles) at the median strips on the streets which have power poles in parallel and dismantle unsafe lines. Implementation period shall last from 1st March to 31st December 2016.

During the process of implementation, the construction company shall remove all redundant and old cables, make arrangements to immediately hand over to the local authorities in order that they can manage the cable hanging on that route to ensure urban aesthetics.


Annually, the electric pole system managed by EVNHANOI is all embellished, priority is granted to main roads and streets – Photo: EVNHANOI

The Department of Construction has chaired in coordination with The Department of Information and Communications and Hanoi Power Corporation to require telecom service providers to remove their wiring and cabling before the deployment of the interdepartmental task force as per the plan. 7 days prior to the removal and arrangement of overhead lines and cables on every street, the management units of poles for lighting systems shall install crossbar systems.

After that, the telecommunication service providers have a maximum period of 7 days to complete the identification tagging and organize overhead power lines and cables in compliance with the regulations, at the same time, to increase the capacity of wires and cables in order to reduce the number of wires and cables along the route (max 4 cables /1 unit).

Hanoi City People's Committee has approved the proposal of the Department of Construction on the list of 200 streets with lines and cables need removing and rearranging, which spread over 10 urban districts and one provincial district in January 2016. The Department of Construction shall carry out at 3 streets and Hanoi Power Corporation conducted at 97 streets from 15th February to 15th September.

The City People's Committee has assigned the Department of Construction to coordinate with the Department of Information and Communications, Hanoi Power Corporation to issue interdepartmental task force plan about the removal and arrangement of overhead power lines and cables on the streets, hold a press conference and proceed with implementation.

  • 18/02/2016 01:54
  • evn.com.vn