January 2016: Energy sales of EVN reached 12.12 billion kWh

During the first month of 2016, EVN provided safe and stable electricity to the entire country with total output of 12.12 billion kWh, increasing by 10.34% compared to that of the previous year.

In the same month, the Southern region entered the dry season with rising temperature while the Northern region suffered from a record cold weather. Unusual climate had had a considerable impact on customers’ power demand as well as the power supply.

Power utilities making their best efforts to ensure the supply in the first month of 2016

However, with the best efforts, EVN succeeded to ensure the power supply in the whole country, meeting the requirements of both socio-economic development and household use.

According to EVN Business Department, energy sales of EVN in January reached approximately 12.12 billion kWh. Domestic output of 11.98 billion kWh experienced an increase of 10.41% over the same period of 2014, in which those of the Northern region, Central region and Southern region all increased by 9.3%, 11.43% and 11.26% respectively.

At the same period, all power corporations (PC) also completed their surveys on customers’ satisfaction in 2015. The results revealed that the scores of all corporations were well beyond 7. In particular, Ho Chi Minh city Power Corporation was ranked the highest by customers with the score of 8.

After the evaluation survey, the consulting company insisted that in 2015, EVN received better consents of customers than in 2014. Moreover, customers showed their appreciation in improving customer service and power supply of the power sector.

It was expected that in February, the average output of the whole system would level to 386 million kWh/ day. All subsidiaries of EVN were prepared their plans to ensure the safe and reliable power supply during Tet holidays of 2016.

  • 03/02/2016 04:00