PTC2: Finishing priority power projects to serve for APEC 2017

To prepare for Asia - Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference in 2017 (APEC 2017) to be organized in Da Nang city this November, Power Transmission Company No.2 has been finishing a lot of projects in order to enhance the power supply reliability.

The Company has finished raising capacity of 220 kV transformers from 125 MVA to 250 MVA at Da Nang, Hoa Khanh 500 kV substations. These projects help intensify the installed capacity of Da nang city and its adjacent areas by 250 MVA.

A lot of power projects have been implemented and completed in order to secure power supply to APEC 2017. Photo source: TTXVN

Together with the completion of Ngu Hanh Son 220 kV substation with the 220/110 kV transformer capacity of 250 MVA, with the aim of directly supplying electricity to Ngu Hanh Son district where APEC 2017 is planned to be held in, the Company has finished the project on second circuit wiring for Hoa Khanh – Hue 220 kV power line, strengthening power interconnection in the region.

As such, the completion of these projects enhance the total installed capacity of 220/110 kV transformers in Da Nang city up to 1,125 MVA, which can meet the peak load forecast of the city in 2017 of 548.8 MW.

In addition, the Company has concluded upgrading capacity of 110/220 kV transformers in Ngu Hanh Son, Hoa Khanh 220 kV substations from 25 MVA to 63 MVA within a short timeframe and replacing 22 kV switchyards at Ngu Hanh Son, Hoa Khanh 220 kV substations, assisting well the medium voltage power grid of Da Nang PC.

Together with securing electricity supply to APEC 2017, PTC2 aims to transmit power in a safe, uninterrupted, stable manner in order to meet the power requirements for socio-economic development in the Central region.

  • 07/02/2017 03:34