Son La Hydropower Company Maintains Unit No1

On 20 Feb 2016, the Son La Hydropower Company performed technical alternative to maintain unit No 1 of 400 MW capacity according to the plan approved by the Vietnam Electricity

Accordingly, duration for maintenance of the unit No 1 is 22 days. The purpose   is that after maintenance, the unit will ensure  operational technical requirements, contribute to the safe, uninterrupted, stable and efficient operation.  

According to the plan, the duration of maintenance for unit No 1 of Son La Hydropower plant is 22 days

The scope of maintenance includes: checking status and technical parameters of all the equipment of the unit  after 5 years of  operation; perform maintenance of the equipment and repair the defects of the equipment system which are monitored and discovered during the operation and outage for checking. 

Before that, to deploy technical alternative to maintain unit No 1,  on 18 Feb 2016, Mr. Khuong The Anh, Deputy Director of the company had a meeting with heads of the relating units to review all the scope of work  from the provision of supplies and equipment; the registration for the outage of the unit for maintenance, agreement on the volume of work to be performed, technical measures of labor safety, labor protection and fire prevention during the maintenance.

It is known that the energy produced of the Son La hydropower plant from the beginning of the year to 21 Feb 2016 reached 685 million kWh, achieving 8.16% of the yearly plan.

  • 22/02/2016 01:54