The Business and Customer Service Maitains a Key Role within Vietnam Electricity

That is confirmed by the EVN President and CEO Dang Hoang An at the EVN Conference of Business for 2016 to be held on 26 Feb in Hue City.

The conference was chaired by the President and CEO, Mr. Dang Hoang An with the participation of Mr. Duong Quang Thanh, the Board of Directors Chairman, Mr. Dao Hieu -  Board member, Mr. Nguyen Tan Loc, Vice President and representatives from functional departments of EVN, leaders of the Power Corporations and Power Companies. 

In 2015, EVN meet all the power demand for socio-economic development

In a report at the conference, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung-Director of  EVN Business Department said, in 2015, energy for sales of the whole EVN reached 143.682 billion kWh, increasing 11.7% compared to the same period of  2014, of which the domestic energy for sales reached 142.443 billion kWh, increasing 11.87%. Revenue from energy sales reached VND 234,339 billion, an increase of 18.88% compared to the year 2014.

Energy saved of the whole EVN was 3.18 billion kWh, accounting for 2.21% of the energy for sales and equaled to 129.8% compared to the plan. All the Power Corporations achieved and exceeded the plan in terms of energy savings.   

Auxiliary consumption of transmission and distribution of EVN in 2015 gained 7.94%, falling 0.55 percent compared with the same period of the previous year, 0.06% lower compared to the target of Prime Minister stipulated in the decision No. 854/QD-TTg.

About power supply to rural, mountainous, Island areas  and social security: by the end of 2015,  EVN has brought electricity to 100% of the districts  ; 99.85% of the communes, wards and towns    98.88% of the households in the country. The total number of customers to buy power directly from EVN was 23.680 million customers, increased 5.66% compared to the year 2014.

The quality of customer service has also been enhanced (12/14 indicators of customer service achieved over 95%), power supply reliability was also improved.

The Power Corporations have completed the operation of four additional customer service centers, officially and professionally providing customer services in   the country.

Chairman Duong Quang Thanh congratulated the achievements of the EVN staff in business activities in 2015  

According to reviews of the Doing Business Organization- the World Bank, the electricity access index of Vietnam had a best changed result out of  10 indicators of Vietnam's business environment.

The efforts in the power service of EVN has been recognized and supported by the customers. The average score on the level of customer satisfaction in EVN 2015 was 7.27/10 points, increasing 0.38 points compared to the year 2014.

Business activities are reaching the top 4 in ASEAN

At the conference, EVN Chairman, Mr. Duong Quang Thanh emphasized: For the 2016-2020 period, Vietnam Electricity continues to  hold the dominant role in ensuring power supply for the  socio-economic development of the country with the average GDP growth rate of 6.5-7% per year and the economic restructuring associated with converting the model developed in the direction of raising the high quality and efficiency.

EVN President and CEO Hoang Dang An awarded EVN flags to its units for outstanding achievement in business activities in 2015

Speaking at the conference, the President and CEO Dang Hoang An stressed, business and customer service plays a key role in the activities of the EVN. EVN set the target to become one of the four leading ASEAN power utilities, accordingly, business and customer service also need to be ranked top 4 in ASEAN.

On this occasion, many typical  individuals and organizations received  the Flags and Certificates of Award of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for their outstanding achievements in implementing business tasks in 2015.   

The results of Implementing business task for the period 2011-2015:

-Energy for sales increased 10.49% as average, satisfying power demand for socio-economic   development.

-98.88 % of households nationwide got access to electricity, exceeding the target set by the Government (98%) under the decision 854/QD-TTg.

-23.7 million customers bought electricity directly from EVN, increased 6.2 million customers, equal to 1.35 times the end of 2010. The average growth rate was 6.26% per year.

-Power loss rate reduced to 7.94%, achieved the target set by the Prime Minister (decision No. 854/QD-TTg).

-Customer satisfaction of EVN reached the score of  7.27/10.

-Installation of electronic meters in 5 power corporations increased more than 16 times compared to the end of 2010. Moving from manual metering system to semi-automatic and fully automatic metering system.

-Saved 11.88 billion kWh through energy-saving programs and reduced CO2 emissions of 7,406 ton to environment.

 The goal of 2016 business of EVN:

-Energy for sales reaches 159.1 billion kWh, an increase of 10.7% compared to the year 2015;

-Power loss rate of EVN: 7.7%.

-The reliability of power supply of EVN: SAIDI: 1,655 minutes, SAIFI: 12.31 times, MAIFI: 2.58 times;

-Electricity access time: 10 days (processing time of the power companies)

- Productivity increases 8-10 % compared to the year 2015. Power business is profitable.

-Level of satisfaction of customers of EVN: 7.52 points.


  • 26/02/2016 03:01