The power access index continues to be improved in ranking according to the report of the World Bank

On October 25, 2016, the Doing Business research team of the World Bank (WB) announced the results of review of the competitiveness indexes for 2016 (Doing Business 2017) of 190 of the world economies, which included the result of evaluation of the power access index. According to the results of that evaluation,(survey was conducted from March 2016), the power access index for 2016 of Vietnam was rising 5 levels compared with the ranking updated by Doing Business in 2015, positioning 96/189. Time the processing done by the the power companies is 11 days (reduced 4 days compared to 2015). With this duration, Vietnam is closely approaching the countries of the ASEAN4 group.

The power access index remains in Group 5 out of 10 indexes that has changed, which  helps the general indicator of the economy increased by 9 levels in comparison to the year 2015. The power access index reaches better ranking than other indexes: business start-up, contribution of tax and social insurance, business bankruptcy settlement. The elements of procedures, time of power access and  associated costs are improving compared to the year 2015, in which the number of days of processing reduced   from 59 days to 46 days, falling 13 days (this duration is 42 days for Philippines- one of the countries  among ASEAN4).

To obtain satisfactory results according to review s of the Doing Business research team, EVN has implemented a range of solutions as mentioned below:

- Implement the "one door” mechanism,  receiving request via multiple channels such as in at power companies, online through the Website and contact centers.   The customers need only to call 5 contact  centers, the representatives of local power companies will come to directly guide and conduct the necessary procedures at the addresses of the customers.

- On September 01, 2015 EVN has made the amendments and supplements of The power business processes applied in  Vietnam Electricity shortening the time of processing to connect the customers to the medium voltage network.

-The procedures are shortened from 5 steps to 4 steps: (1) receiving the request; (2) site survey, (3) connection agreements and technical requirements; (4) acceptance, energization and signing of power supply contracts. Two steps of connection agreement and design agreement are merged into one step of connection agreement and technical requirements.    

-The application of information technology to implement  electricity access index in order that the customers can register the service connections and check the progress of processing thereof  through the website of the  power corporations.

- EVN directs the Power Corporations / Power Companies in cooperation with the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to disclose procedures to the public and reduce the time of processing of   the State management bodies.

- Legal regulations, processes, procedures and sample design for the service connection to the medium voltage network are disclosed at all the contact centers  across the country and on the Website of the power companies, the request documents requires just a photo, no public notary is required.  

The solutions of the EVN has been recognized by the Doing Business in improving the procedures and processing  for service connections of EVN in the reduction of the duration of the power access.  In the coming time, EVN will continue efforts to further improve electricity access index, enhance transparency of the power tariff and the quality of customer service, improve the reliability of electricity supply to increase the competitiveness of the economy and to meet the increasing demand of the customers and society.

Reference information:

- In 2015, Doing Business announced the power access index of  Vietnam  in the position of 108 out of 189 countries. After that, a number of evaluation criteria has been clarified and updated and Doing Business adjusted the power access index of Vietnam from the position of 108 to 101 out of 189 countries.   

- Doing Business recognized the change of processing time from 15 days of 2015 to 11 days.

- According to the evaluation of the  Doing Business 2017, the  reliability of the power supply  and transparency of electricity tariff of Vietnam approached closer to the average of  Asia-Pacific countries.  

- Comparing the results of the  factors to evaluate indexes of Vietnam with an average of Asia-Pacific countries and the developed countries in the OECD showed that number of   procedure of Vietnam is equivalent, duration of processing in Vietnam is much better, equal to ½ of the average duration of processing of the countries in this group  (Vietnam: 46 days, Asia-Pacific: 72.9 days and OECD: 76.2 days)

- Implemention according to the alternative that the power sector invests for medium voltage customers of EVNHCMC from Jan 1, 2016 has not been recognized by Doing Business due to the fact that the elements of the cost (free of charge), duration (23 days) and procedures (only  2 procedures) were not included.



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