EVNHANOI energizes hundreds of medium, low voltage works in first 6 months of 2018

This is the result of the construction investment and major repairs in 2018 by the Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI), as estimated by the end of June, 2018, to enhance the capability of power supply to customers in the Capital.

The corporation has completed, energized and put into operation 118 medium-low voltage works with the additional capacity of 356 MBA, total capacity of 190.3 MVA; over 380km of medium voltage wires; 498 km of low voltage wires.

For the 110 - 220kV power grid, the Corporation completed energizing 4 works and 2 items, with 336 MVA of increased capacity and 67km of wires to enhance the power supply capability for load in Hanoi right in this hot summer season. Typically, the works of: Improving and raising load for the 110kV transmission line of Phuc Tho 172 route; Additionally installing the T2 transformer at 110kV Tu Liem substation; supplementing AT1 transformer and 110kV feeders at Tay Ho 220kV station; etc.

In the first 6 months of 2018, EVNHANOI has commenced 5/7 110 - 220 kV works under the set plan. The corporation will continue to urge its affiliated units to ensure the construction progress and quality of power grid projects, works, particularly projects serving the power supply for the key projects. 

  • 16/07/2018 03:26
  • evn.com.vn