EVNNPC: A series of activities "Giving trust - Sending love" in the Northwest region

During December 14 - 16, 2018 the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) organized a series of social security activities in the Customer Gratitude month of 2018 with the theme of "Giving trust - Sending love" in two provinces Yen Bai and Son La.

In Yen Chau district, Son La province, the Northern Power Company inaugurated the project "Lighting up the countryside", about 4km long, linking Muong Lum commune and Chieng Hac commune. The project was undertaken by EVNNPC Youth Union with the total investment cost of VND 265 million, comprising nearly 100 lamp posts and equipment such as electric cables, electrical cabinets, circuit breakers, relays, light bulbs, clamps, etc.

On this occasion, EVNNPC offered 150 warm shirts and 40 study lights to disadvantaged students in Muong Lum commune.

In Yen Bai province, EVNNPC inaugurated a rural electrification project to electrify 38 households in Da Den village, An Luong commune, Van Chan district, after 42 years of having no access to electricity. Under the authorization of EVNNPC, the project has been implemented by EVNNPC Youth Union in cooperation with Yen Bai Power Company since the beginning of December 2018, with the total investment cost of 250 million dong.

At the same time, the Corporation inaugurated Ta Lanh Kindergarten at Nam Lanh commune, an extremely difficult commune in Van Chan district, Yen Bai province, where Dao, Mong and Thai ethnic groups reside. Mr. Le Quang Thai, Deputy General Director of the Northern Power Corporation, said that every year, besides ensuring electricity supply, Viet Nam Electricity/the Northern Power Corporation reserve a remarkable portion of resources for social security activities. This demonstrates the responsibility to the community, as well as the tradition of sympathy and sharing, “intact leaves cover torn ones” of the employees of Viet Nam Electricity in general and EVNNPC in particular.

In the Customer Gratitude month of 2018, EVNNPC also carried out many community activities such as repairing, installing and replacing power lines after meters, electric panels for families under preferential treatment policy, visiting and presenting gifts for disadvantaged households, organizing humanitarian blood donation, etc.

Some photos of the social security activities in Son La and Yen Bai provinces of EVNNPC:

Delegates are mounting the name board for the project "Lighting the countryside" in Muong Lum, Yen Chau district, Son La province.

Electricians and people are constructing power lines to electrify Da Den village, An Luong commune, Van Chan district, Yen Bai province.

The ribbon cutting ceremony to inaugurate Ta Lanh Kindergarten, Nam Lanh commune, Van Chan district

50 warm shirts are given to students at Ta Lanh Kindergarten

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