Reu Island (Quang Ninh) to be connected to the national grid

On October 30, 2018, Quang Ninh Power Company (PC Quang Ninh) energized and put the national-grid power supply work into operation in the Reu island (also known as Monkey Island) in Bai Tu Long Bay, Cam Pha city.

With the total investment of nearly VND15 billion from the Northern Power Corporation’s capital source, the project consists of 3.8km section of 22kV transmission line; 216m section of 22kV underground cable; 01 400kVA-22/0.4kV substation; over 1,000m of low-voltage underground cable; 11 low-voltage switchboards and 14 single-phase meters.

The project of power supply to Reu Island was successfully powered at 10.30am on October 30, 2018

Commenced in April 2018, it is the work of PC Quang Ninh to celebrate the 55th anniversary of establishment of Quang Ninh Province (October 30, 1963 to October 30, 2018).

The island has the area of 22ha. The Research and Production Center for Vaccines and Medical Bio-products (under the Ministry of Health), located in the island, was established under Decision No. 621/QD-TTg dated April 10, 2006 of the Prime Minister.

The island is the wild habitat of more than 1,000 monkeys.

In the past, the power supply for staffs on the island and for monkey raising was generated from the 30kVA diesel generator (the investment from State budget and contributions by staffs working on the island) with the operating time of 18 - 22h per day. This power source has only met an insignificant portion of the power demand for nourishing and developing the monkey herd, and research work.

"The stable national grid will facilitate and improve the quality of the research and production of vaccines and medical bio-products on the island. We, working in the field of science, sincerely thank the Northern Power Corporation and Quang Ninh Power Company for such  humanitarian power supply work," said Veterinarian Vu Cong Long, head of the Reu Island Breeding Farm.

  • 31/10/2018 04:05