Up to 385 hydropower projects in operation throughout the country

This information was provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on current planning, construction, management and operation for dams and reservoirs hydropower safety

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the current hydropower reservoirs have a total volume of 56 billion m3, accounting for 86% of the total reservoir volume in the whole country. In addition to electric power generation, hydropower reservoirs also contribute significantly to cutting/reducing/slowing down floods in the rainy season; Water supply for daily life, etc., for downstream areas in the dry season.

Up to 2018, the country has 818 hydropower projects (HPP) with a total installed capacity of 23,182MW. In particular, 385 HPP have been put into operation with a total installed capacity of 18,564MW, 143 HPPs under construction with a total installed capacity of 1,848MW and 290 HPPs under investment study with a total installed capacity of 2,770MW.

Generally in the national grid system in 2017, the operating HPPs account for 40% of the installed capacity and 42.87% of electric power, significantly contributing to ensuring energy security for the country.

Hydropower plants managed by EVN always comply with inter-reservoir operation procedures approved by the Prime Minister

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, up to now, the operation of the reservoir has undergone smoothly. Typically, during the major floods in 2016 and 2017, hydropower reservoirs have coordinated in operation complying with the inter-reservoir, single reservoir operating procedures, which has played an important role in stopping/reducing/slowing down floods, ensuring the safety for the downstream area.

In order to well perform the operation of the reservoirs and manage the safety of the hydropower dams, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue to review and finalize legal documents related to hydropower projects to ensure safety and association with the reality. Especially, it will work with MARD to develop a Decree that will replace Decree No. 72/2007/ND-CP by the Government; strengthening the inspection, checking and handling any cases violating the law regulations on reservoir operation and management of hydropower dam safety.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes the Government and the Prime Minister to direct the provincial People's Committees to check the downstream areas of the hydropower reservoirs and take measures within their responsibility to ensure safety when conducting any flood discharge at reservoirs; strengthen capacity and equipment, facilities for disaster prevention, and search and rescue agencies at local levels to increase efficiency in coordinating the operation of hydropower works. At the same time, strengthening the propaganda, improving the capacity coping with flooding, floods, the coordination by residents and functional units in the downstream area; developing   downstream flood maps under the related responsibility of each dam owner.

Some information on dam safety management

- 40 works (out of 385 works have been put into use) without reservoirs or sharing with water from irrigation reservoirs  for electric power generation

- 345/345 works have been implemented by the dam owners in accordance with the regulations on dam safety registration and status reports.

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