Youth of EVNHCMC joining hand for community

In response to Customer Gratitude Month of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC), on 8 December 2018, the Youth Union of the Corporation have cooperated with its peers of District 11 to organize the launching of the Program on Youth joins hand for the Community.

EVNHCMC Youth Union members installing solar power system free of charge for Hau Giang Secondary School - District 11.

On the launching day, hundreds of youth union members from EVNHCMC repaired power system for 100 disadvantaged households, donated 20 gifts of necessities for the difficult and policy families; visited and donated gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mothers living in District 11.

Especially, the Youth Union of EVNHCMC have donated and installed 01 rooftop solar panel system for Hau Giang Secondary School - District 11. At the same time, the Corporation has promoted propaganda in order to raise awareness among community, society on safe, economical and efficient use of power; encouraged people to use renewable energy sources such as solar energy, etc.”

Also included in the Program, in December 2018, the Youth Union of EVNHCMC will perform many meaningful programs such as: Implementing the project of “Safe, civilized and economical light source for social security”, repairing power system and donating gifts of necessities to disadvantaged households in 24 districts; implementing the work of “the Alley route with safe, beautiful and economical power system” improving, and compacting the system of power grids, information cables and installing private lights on at least 10 alley routes in the City; renovating 02 apartment buildings into civilized, clean, beautiful and safe ones; participating in voluntary blood donation in response to the “EVN Red Week” in 2018, etc.

EVNHCMC’s Youth Union has also promoted its role of volunteerism in coordinating with local authorities to take care of the poor’s living, policy families, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers and children in the City, etc.

  • 10/12/2018 04:44