Electricians works in the worst scorching heat ever recorded in the Capital

This heat wave was the first in the summer 2017 but recorded as the worst in Hanoi over the last 46 years. To cope with this challenging situation, electricians in the Capital had to try their bests to work relentlessly all day and night.

Updated 06-04-2017

In the first heat wave, Hanoi consumed more than 71 million kWh of electricity in only one day (data recorded on June 3, 2017). This figure is the highest in the history ever recorded.

Despite scorching hot and sunny weather, electricians in the Capital struggled to implement projects for sharing loads while maintaining uninterruptible electricity supply to people.

Technicians had to work in hot temperature up to 50 degree Celsius coupled with the heat generated from electrical equipment and the concretized environment.

A meal of a shift of workers in Cau Giay Power Company in the hot season. The photo was taken at 22h00 on June 4, 2017.

Electricians intensively examined substations to promptly detect irregularities caused by abruptly increasing power consumption demand.

The power sector recommends that offices, companies, agencies and all the people should consume electricity in the most economical and efficient manner. In particular, when using air conditioners, temperature should be set in the optimal mode, from 26 degree Celsius and above, in order to both save electricity for the sake of customers and mitigate local overload hazards of the power grid, at the same time avoid an unexpectedly sudden increase of electricity bills.  

Power Companies under EVNHANOI mobilized and strengthened their staffs on duty in the maximum manner to be ready for dealing with breakdowns at all times. The photo was taken in Dinh Cong, Hoang Mai district at night on June 3, 2017.

Hoa Viet Cuong - Hong Hoa