1. Before requesting for repairs, the customer needs to take into consideration of the following:

- If the neighbourhood also has electricity black-out: There might be an outage incident or a planned power cut. The customer should phone the number for requesting electricity repairs of the local electricity provider to get more information.

- If only the customer does not have electricity while the surrounding neighbourhood still have power on, the main circuit breaker (fuse) needs to be checked. If there is no electricity to the fuse, then the local electricity provider needs to be notified and requested to have electricity repairs.

The local electricity provider shall deal with the problem within two hours. However, the repair work can only start after the technician upon arriving at the site has investigated and found out the cause of the problem. In cases when replacement of equipment and/or more labour is required, it will take more time to complete the repair.

2. Key information from the customer:

- Name and phone number of the person notifying the troubleshooting;

- The address or neighbourhood of the incident;

- The scope of the power outage;

- Observation of the incident (if applicable): fire, smoke, broken wires, etc.

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