Customer care of the power sector in the Industry 4.0 era

In order to realize the role as online "bridge", to digitize electricity services for customers, what and how have Customer Care Centers prepared and invested?

"Ambassadors" in the digital technology era

By providing online electricity services online through websites and call centers, counselors at Customer Care Centers have taken on the role of dealers, and also "ambassadors" for an innovative and professional image of the power industry. Ms. Truong Thi Dieu Linh, a counselor of the Customer Care Center of the Northern Power Corporation, said that because the online service provision was recently launched, many customers were confused, concerned and even suspicious when using the service. Therefore, counselors should persistently and enthusiastically advise customers to gain their understanding about the service.

To play the role of online transaction offices, Customer Care Centers of the power industry need to carefully prepare their human resources. Counselors should be given specialized trainings on providing online electricity services, enhancing ability to use technology proficiently, improving communication skills to get ready for satisfying new requirements. In addition, Customer Care Centers of the power industry should strengthen their crews of counselors, adding the number of desks in each shift, distributing customer requests through switchboards, websites per each professional team, with the aim of serving online customer requests in the fastest manner.

Counselors of the power industry are ready to receive and serve the needs of electricity services of customers

Modern technology infrastructure

To become the first infrastructure industry in Vietnam providing 100% of online electricity services, EVN has paid attention to the investment in a modern technology platform. With dedicated software, customers can not only exercise online electricity services, but also participate in monitoring the progress of addressing requests of the power industry. Technological experience of customers is also a matter of great concern of Customer Care Centers. Mr. Le Van Tuong, Director of the Customer Care Center of Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC), stated that since the end of 2017 the Center has completed the whole interface of the service website which is more friendly and simpler, enabling customers to understand and apply more easily and precisely.

Customer Care Centers of the power industry have invested in upgrading their server systems, creating a backup system to store information, ensuring that switchboard channels operate smoothly, safely and information is secured. In parallel with provision of online services, some Customer Care Centers have operated chatbot – an artificial intelligence application to automatically counsel and support customer requests, with an attempt to provide the best online services which can satisfy customers.

According to Mr. Dau Anh Tuan - Head of Legal Department, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), during the recent years, the power industry has made great efforts to improve service quality and image, step by step eliminating “prejudices” of stagnation, bureaucracy, lack of dynamism of many people when talking about large state owned enterprises and corporations. The establishment of customer care centers is a very right step. These centers not only help solve customer related problems, but also an information channel which can help EVN better understand its customers to better serve them and an online customer service channel.

  • 05/04/2018 10:52