Many automation systems have been effectively implemented by EVN

At the meeting on deploying some automation orientations in EVN, on 8 March 2019, Deputy General Director of EVN Ngo Son Hai highly appreciated the initiative given by its affiliated units in this work, thereby, contributing to modernizing and improving efficiency of the Group's operation, production and business.

Specifically, in the power generating block, the units have implemented online monitoring system, data collection software, monitoring plant operation parameters. In particular, EVN has equipped a system of control devices in power plants and substations which have been connected to the internet based on the principle of distributed control to improve reliability and limit the effects of the control element incidents in power plants and substations (referred to as power plant’s DCS).

In the dispatch block, there are SCADA/EMS, AGC systems (automatically adjust to increase or decrease the useful capacity of generator units in order to maintain the frequency of the power system stable within the permitted scope under the principle with economical operation of power systems), monitoring system of WAMs large-extent power system, etc.

In power transmission and distribution group, EVN implements DSC system for substations, online monitoring system, data collection software, monitoring operation parameters and SCADA system for remote control centers.

Deputy General Director of EVN Ngo Son Hai chairing working session at broadcasting point in EVN headquarters, connected online to units of the Group. Photo: Minh Hanh

In particular, many units in the Group have been able to integrate the control system when developing and implementing remote control centers, improving unmanned substations. This is a good condition to promote internal force in EVN, increase the initiative in implementing, handling incidents from control systems at units, reduce costs and dependence on contractors when upgrading and extending projects.
Regarding automation software, currently, units have used kinds of software provided by different producers. Because of the specific production and operation needs, some units of EVN purchased core software to study and develop features by themselves in line with demand.

In addition to the achieved results, EVN currently has to solve difficulties in developing a workforce in the field of automation. The Group has not been able to develop its own automation products. Automation systems in the Group have been not uniform and synchronous.

EVN’s power companies are implementing remote control centers and unmanned substations. Photo: Unit 

Deputy General Director of EVN Ngo Son Hai directed the units to focus on solving problems in the lack of consistency among automation systems in the Group. The units should implement or outsource technology transfer experts to carry out the work: System integration and implementation of developing remote control centers, monitoring centers for operation parameters of substations; promote the application of DMS system at power companies; Study to integrate and master the WAM large-extent monitoring system technology into SCADA/EMS system in 2020, integrate AGC system and dispatch instruction management system DIM.

Units need to prepare training plans for specialized experts/engineers in the automation at the company that EVN is using products and services; organize a study and development department for automation products at EVN Information and Communication Technology Company (EVNICT), aiming to be able to self-control basic and important parts of automation in the future.

General orientation on automation development in EVN:

  • Complete SCADA/EMS/DMS systems in Vietnam’s power system;
  • Standardize the organizational model of remote control centers and unmanned substations, automation models at power plants;
  • Standardize remote data collection and measurement system.

  • 08/03/2019 04:42