Northern Power Corporation “rated” at over 8 points by the customers

This information was published by OCD Management Consulting Company on 22 January 2019, at the Conference on assessing the customer’s satisfaction in using electricity at power companies and the activities of Customer Service Center of Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) in 2018.

According to the representative of OCD, the evaluation of customer’s satisfaction in the past 6 years has created a positive change in EVNNPC's activities, reflected by the score rated by customers on EVNNPC continuously increasing over the years.

If in the first assessment year (2013), averagely EVNNPC gained only almost 6 points, then by 2018, the score for EVNNPC has reached 8.01 points increasing by 0.15 points compared with 2017’s and met the good grade on the 10-point scale.

Mr. Le Quang Thai – Deputy General Director of EVNNPC requires the member units to continue improving customer’s satisfaction in a drastic manner in 2019  

In 2018, all 7 to-be-assessed factors (power supply, information announcing to customer, electricity bill, customer service, business image, awareness of electricity price and social consensus) are rated higher than that of 2017 by customers using electricity in 27 provinces and cities in the North. Of which, some factors such as customer service, electricity bill, brand image are highly assessed by customers reaching above 8 points.

With the assessment criteria based on 4 strategic objectives (power supply quality, service quality, communication efficiency, awareness of EVN image), there are also many positive comments.

The majority of customers noted that the quality of electric power has been more stable. When the power outage is conducted, they have been notified in advance; procedures are no longer troublesome; Electricity staffs are attentive, enthusiastic and professional. However, the OCD’s survey also pointed out that, in many areas, the quality of electric power is still unstable, especially during the peak hours. In some cases, troubleshooting has not been performed timely.

After starting its operation, the Customer Service Center has contributed remarkably in improving customer’s satisfaction points of EVNNPC. Therefore, EVNNPC's units should continue to work closely with the cnter to promptly solve the customer’s inquiries.

  • 22/01/2019 11:00