How to Register the Three-Phase Meter Used for Business Activity?

Hello, In the coming time, my family is going to register to establish a private enterprise and during the operation of the enterprise, we will use three-phase electric motors. I would like to know about the procedures for registering a three-phase meter. Thank you.     

Thinh Le
Ha Noi


Dear Thinh Le,

To be supplied with 3-phase power for serving production and business activities of the company, you just need two types of papers:

- 01 copy of one of the papers identifying the location of your using power such as: Book of permanent residence or temporary residence or the certificate of housing ownership or the decision of the house partition or valid house purchase contract or lease contract of term from 1 year upward or the land use right certificate (on the land having housing) or the contract of authorizing the right of managing and using the housing/land.

- 01 copy of one of the papers to identify the purpose of using power to be the basis for the two parties agreeing on the power tariff: Enterprise registration certificate or business registration certificate or a registration certificate of household business or a registration certificate of branch operation, Representative Office or investment licenses or decision to establish the business.

After preparing all the required papers, you come to the Customer Service Division of the local power company to register for a new connection. 

Note: You only need a copy (which may be a photo or image) of one of the above mentioned without notarization. If you bring the original ones, the staff of the division shall help you to make copies of these documents.  

Best regards!


  • 03/06/2016