Use of the Three-phase Meter

My family is using 1 phase meter.  Due to the requirement of our business, I would like to increase the capacity by changing the one-phase to a three-phase meter.  What procedure will I need to follow and how long does it take?     

Phan Thi Hong Diep
The Department of Planning and Investment, Lao Cai province


The procedure for increasing the capacity is specified as below:

  • Request for increasing the capacity.  
  • A capacity list of   the electrical equipment/devices.
  • The latest electricity bill  
  • In case you are currently contracting with us to purchase power for household consumption, and after increasing capacity, you want to sign a contract for other purposes, you need to provide a copy of your business license. 

If you provide sufficient papers as above-mentioned, the power company will increase the capacity as per your request after 3 working days.

For further information, please contact the exchange: 19006769 or send an email to: of the  customer care centre - Northern  Power Corporation.

Thank you very much.  

  • 08/08/2016