500kV power line overloaded, VND 12,000 billion project - a matter of urgency

After the decades of electrical load from the North to the South, the 500kV North-South line, circuits 1 and 2 have been overloaded. Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung said that the investment on 500kV line for circuit 3 would be “extremely urgent”.

Rushing construction of 500kV line third circuit

The 500kV line, circuit 3 is an urgent project, constructed after the decades when 500kV line, circuits 1 and 2 being operated and showing signs of overload.   

In recent days, the load on these lines has climbed up to 2,200-2,500MW, the transmission capacity on the lines is very large. In the context of growing demand and increasing consumption capacity of the country, if 500kV line, circuit 3 is not be put into operation in the coming time, the transmission capacity will face many difficulties.

Urgent power line

In that situation, the project of 500kV line, circuit 3 was started up on 18 December 2018. The total investment of all projects is nearly VND 12,000 billion. It is expected that the construction schedule of all projects is about 20 months and strived to complete and put it into operation around May – June of 2020.

According to Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), these are urgent power projects in the national electricity development plan with the aim of transmitting electric power from Quang Trach Electricity Center to the national electricity system.

It is said by EVN that in the coming time, the Southern region will not be able to balance the local power supply and demand. They need to have support in power supply from other regions. The reason is that some power projects in the South are delayed in the construction schedule.  

For updating the progress, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tuyen, Director of Central Power Project Management Board, said: This project cluster includes a length of about 750km, including 1,608 foundation positions. Currently, among the total of 1,608 foundation positions, the site clearance and compensation has taken for 1,494 positions.  

  • 04/06/2019 02:01
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