817 locations for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control secured power supply at a high priority by EVNCPC

In 13 provinces and cities in the Central-Central Highlands region, the Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) is currently focusing on supplying power to 817 locations for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. This is the most important task of EVNCPC in the current period

Specifically, by the end of 15 August 2021, there were 134 hospitals, 7 field hospitals, 171 medical facilities and 505 isolation areas secured continuous, safe and stable power supply at a high priority by EVNCPC and its subordinate units.

In particular, in the past few days, the number of isolation places in the Central-Central Highlands provinces has increased sharply. Only in the first two weeks of August, the number of isolation places increased by nearly 140 places, putting great pressure on Power units in supplying power.

Under the direction of EVN, EVNCPC and power companies have actively worked and discussed with local departments, agencies and sectors to grasp the establishment of new concentrated isolation and treatment areas. Regardless of day and night, the power companies have actively used all resources, urgently implementing power supply plans to serve these locations.


EVNCPC uses insulator cleaning technology with high-pressure water without interrupting the power supply to its customers. Photo: EVNCP 

Currently, the power companies under EVNCPC have all set up 2-level and even 3-level backup power supply plans for COVID-19 prevention and control locations. In which, level 1 is for medium-voltage grid backup, which is supplied with power from two different lines; level 2 is for on-site generator backup of facilities; level 3 is for generator backup of the company.

In particular, in case of implementing repair on the grid, EVNCPC's units use electricity repair and insulator cleaning technology without cutting power.

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