A right view on  coal-fired power plants is needed

That is the main topic of the workshop organized by Labour Newspaper in collaboration with Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority (Ministry of Industry and Trade) on 13 December 2018 in Ha Noi. At the workshop, experts affirmed that it is necessary to develop coal-fired thermal power with modern technologies along with environmental protection in order to ensure the national energy security.

In the expectation of 2018 - 2022 period, the total capacity of power sources put into operation is 34,864MW, of which that of coal-fired thermal power is 26,000MW. However, currently, only 7 coal-fired projects have been commenced and under construction with the capacity of 7,860MW, requiring further over 18,000MW to meet the requirements.

Based on the Adjusted Power Planning VII, by 2030, there will be more than 70 coal-fired power plants throughout the country.

Mr. Le Van Luc (left) along with Associate professor and Doctor Truong Duy Nghia (right) answering questions at the workshop

Mr. Cao Quoc Hung, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade said that the Government’s directive opinion was to ensure national energy security. In which, harmoniously developing power sources was required, particularly in the context that medium and large hydropower plants had been basically operated at full capacity but other power sources were limited. Therefore, coal-fired thermal power still played a crucial role in short and medium terms.

To develop coal-fired thermal power, it is necessary to prioritize advanced and modern technologies with steam parameters exceeding supercritical value to improve the performance of generator units and reduce fuel consumption as well as emissions to the environment, meeting the emission regulations of Viet Nam and the world.

Developing coal-fired thermal power needs to go along with protecting environment. For new projects and plants being in operation, the inspection and supervision of operating procedure implementation will be strengthened, solutions of using plaster ash and slag to produce unburnt construction materials and the ground leveling for construction works, etc., will be enhanced.

According to Mr. Le Van Luc - Deputy Director of Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority (Ministry of Industry and Trade), from 2016 up to now, the Power sector has supplied adequate power, the environment assurance of coal-fired thermal power plants has been increasingly improved without any environmental incident. By 2030 and many years later, coal-fired thermal power will still account for a large proportion in the new power source structure to ensure adequate power supply with affordable prices for the socio-economic development of the nation.

EVN applied advanced technologies in the world to its coal-fired power plants.

At the workshop, Associate Professor and Doctor Truong Duy Nghia - Chairman of Viet Nam Thermal Science and Technology Association said that the future of renewable energy sources in Viet Nam was highly promising, but in fact, Viet Nam was being in the second phase of power development with highly growing power demand, so coal-fired thermal power was still the most reasonable and effective power source to meet the country's huge demand.

In the world, many developed countries have been using coal-fired thermal power with large proportion such as Germany, Australia, America, Japan, Korea, Poland and China.

Experts also agreed that developing coal-fired thermal power with advanced, modern and environmentally friendly technologies will bring in many benefits for the power system because of small land area occupied, large and stable power output and more reasonable production cost in comparison with other power sources (just higher than that of hydropower). Besides, environmental issues have been strictly controlled and supervised by the Government, Ministries, sectors as well as social organizations and people wherever a project is located.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Binh, Head of Science, Technology and Environment Department (Viet Nam Electricity) said that currently, coal-fired thermal power plants of EVN had been applying technologies which are as advanced as that of plants in the region and in the world, properly meeting the environmental requirements. This has been appreciated by the Japan Coal Energy Center (JCOAL).

Additionally, the measurement and analysis results show that the emission of EVN's coal-fired power plants is much lower than the allowable value of technical regulations. EVN’s solution for consuming ash and slag is relatively proper, it is used by their partners for concrete additives, cement additives, unburnt bricks, etc.

The work of ensuring environmental safety and management has been implemented by EVN in publicity and transparency. At the same time, its plants also regularly disseminate information to people living in their surrounding areas.

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