Affixing a name board to welcome EVNNPT's Party Congress at Vinh Tan 500kV substation

The project of raising capacity of Vinh Tan 500kV Substation is affixed the name board "The work to welcome the 3rd EVNNPT Party Congress, tenure of 2020 - 2025". The ceremony was held by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) on 5 June 2020, in Binh Thuan province.

The delegates performed the ritual ceremony of affixing the name board to welcome the EVNNPT Party Congress

 The Vinh Tan 500kV Substation Upgrading Project was approved by the Prime Minister and added to the revised Electricity Planning VII under Document No. 1891/TTg-CN of 27 December 2018. The project is invested by EVNNPT, the Southern Power Project Management Board (SPMB) is the representative agency of the investor directly managing and operating the project.

Mr. Dang Phan Tuong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Member Board Chairman of the National Power Transmission Corporation emphasized that the completion of raising the capacity for Vinh Tan 500kV substation (2 x 900MVA) is extremely important, helping to transmit power load of solar power plants in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan areas. At the same time, it contributes to helping the transmission grid of this area to operate safely and stably, ensuring N-1 criteria.

In particular, overcoming difficulties in the complicated period of COVID-19 outbreak, SPMB tried to complete the project ahead of schedule.

Many collectives and individuals commended and rewarded by EVN and EVNNPT for their achievements in contributing to completing the project ahead of schedule and assuring quality.

Vinh Tan 500kV Substation Capacity Raising Project:

- Construction commenced on 29 February 2020.

+ 17 April 2020: energizing and putting into operation of the AT1-500kV- 900MVA Substation (73 days ahead of schedule).

+ 28 May 2020: energizing and putting into operation of the AT2-500kV- 900MVA Substation (32 days ahead of schedule).

- Total investment: VND 469.17 billion (using EVNNPT's mobilized capital and self-funded capital).

- Design consulting unit: Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 4 (PEEC4).

- Construction, testing, calibration and transportation units:

+ Joint venture contractor of Power Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. No. 2 and Anh Duong Saigon Technology Co., Ltd. constructing the station;

+ National Power Transmission Technical Services Company (NPTS) constructing and installing 500kV substation, performing testing and calibration;

+ Joint venture contractor of Multimodal Transport Joint Stock Company (Vietransimex) - Anh Duong Saigon Technology Co., Ltd - Nam Dat One-member Co., Ltd: dismantling, packaging and transporting the 500kV-900MVA Substation...

- Management and operation unit: Power Transmission Company No. 3 (PTC3)

  • 05/06/2020 04:39