Applying science and technology: Promoting power production - business

Over the past years, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has promoted researching and applying science and technology (S&T) in production, business and customer services, making significant contributions to forming safe, stable operation of Vietnam power system, serving socio-economic development of the country.

Applying S&T into all fields

Mr. Nguyen Quang Viet - Deputy Director of EVN's Department of Science, Technology and Environment said that in the past years, EVN have promoted researching and applying S&T into production - business and customer services. Accordingly, the Group have continuously innovated and upgraded its modern technology level, developed solutions to protect and properly use of natural resources, protect the environment, grasp and master the advanced technologies; improve, enhance technology level contributing to increasing labour productivity, improve quality and value of products, etc.

The impressive achievements in EVN's S&T application include application of roller-compacted concrete dam technology, modern environmental treatment technology in coal-fired thermal power plants, application of super-thermal conductor, low-loss transformer, hotline live-line repair technology; remote measurement technology, shared software system applied for the whole Group, information technology system serving operation of the electricity market at different levels, etc.

Particularly in 2017, with the theme of "Promoting science and technology", EVN has made a breakthrough with impressive achievements. A lot of remote control centers and unmanned substations are put into operation, contributing to improving the power supply reliability and increasing labour productivity. The Group also provided 100% of online electricity services, marking a great leap of EVN in applying information technology to its business and customer services, as well as showing the image of a state-owned economic group with orientation to professionalism, modernity and friendliness. This is also an indispensable trend in the digital era, in line with the Government's policy of modernizing public services and promoting development of the digital economy.

Prof. Tran Quoc Tuan - Research Director from the National Solar Energy Institute (CEA-INES), Republic of France, said that he was very happy when the Power sector of Vietnam have been applying advanced, modern technologies in all stages and fields such as: Remote control system, SCADA system, smart power grid, etc. EVN's science and technology activities have contributed to make remarkable changes in productivity, quality and efficiency in production, business, making a significant contribution to improving the competitive capacity and position of the Group.

EVN provides 100% of online electricity services since December 2017

Promoting applied science research

In the period of 2014 - 2017, science and technology research only accounted for a quite modest proportion of EVN's general activities, but it made a crucial contribution to the technology selection in investment process to develop and improve the production and business management efficiency of the Group in the fields.

During this period, many themes and initiatives were highly appreciated by the State Council for Inspection and Acceptance and applied into production practice of EVN such as the theme of "Study on selecting and applying appropriate solutions to be applied for Vietnam distribution power grid to reach smart standard”, the Theme of "Perfecting design and manufacturing technology process of 220kV transformer to meet IEC 60076 standard", etc. Particularly in the Group level, there were 13 themes implemented and 17 initiatives recognized. Typically, the theme of "Live-line sanitation of power insulation for distribution grid (22kV, 35kV, 110kV)” using high-pressure water” by Power Transmission Company 3 has been widely applied, bringing high economic efficiency. The results of the theme are also applied in sanitation of live-line porcelain at 220kV, 500kV voltage.

Especially, in this period, many EVN’s initiatives have been granted the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award of Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creation (VIFOTEC), such as "Research on design 3-phase transformer unit of 500kV - 3 x 150MVA" won the Second prize in 2013; The theme of "Improving quality of power by limiting harmonic wave interference and internal overvoltage in distribution power grid" which won the Second prize of the National Technical Contest of VIFOTEC, etc.

According to the evaluation conducted by Prof. Tran Quoc Tuan, the Power sector is having many science and technology themes which are very practical. For stronger development of the Sector’s S&T in the coming time, Power units should more closely work with universities, research institutes, centers, develop and early apply these ideas, initiatives into practical production.

At the National Conference of Power Science & Technology in 2017, organized in mid-November, 2017, Mr. Ngo Son Hai - Deputy General Director of EVN said that promoting S&T development have been one of the Group's priorities in the coming time. EVN would continue to research, apply and strongly develop S&T in the fields of operation, actively implement source projects, ensure balance of supply and demand among regions and areas, improve the reliability of the power system’s safe operation, improve efficiency of production and business activities associated with the environmental protection and climate change tackling.

Currently, EVN is researching to establish the Center for Scientific Research and Application; promoting training experts; actively cooperating with universities, research institutes, etc., in the fields interested in by the Group, promptly deploying application, taking advantage of the S&T achievements of the world, step by step developing Vietnam's power system into one of the leading strong and modern Groups in the region.

  • 22/04/2018 04:51