CMIS 3.0 Software: Modern technology in business and customer services of Power sector

In 2018, CMIS version 3.0 (Power User Management Information System) is officially implemented in Vietnam Electricity (EVN). This is the core software system being foundation for support the business, customer services of EVN.

According to the Head of EVN Business Department - Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung, the Group is moving from a “conventional power supply” unit to “power user care” one, actively applying modern science and technology, enhancing the service quality. CMIS program makes a great contribution to the business, customer services of the Group. Particularly, in the context that EVN provides 100% of online services, CMIS 3.0 application will make a contribution to improving power services quality. 

The representative of EVN Information Technology Company (EVNICT) - software developing unit  said that when being upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0 versions, CMIS system is supplemented with new professional function modules such as: Power trading monitoring and examination; power retail services; operation administration; field operations applications, electronic document storage management, etc. These are supplemented modules, meeting new requirements in business and customer services, being appropriate with the current power business procedure of EVN.

CMIS 3.0 is also properly integrated with application systems and database (such as CRM customer care software, customer care website, payment portals and electronic payment, Technical management software, etc.). Therefore, CMIS 3.0 is the fundamental foundation for EVN to develop, extend electronic payment, utilizing the available data to serve the customer care, etc.

Particularly, the remarkable new point of CMIS 3.0 system is its allowance for storing, processing, calculating data in a concentrate model at the corporation level, instead of the data management model at each single power company like CMIS 2.0. The large database allows the system to rapidly, precisely, synchronously access, process information properly serving the management, monitoring from the Group, corporation to units.

According to the schedule, the version 3.0 was completely programmed and piloted at power corporations from November 2017; will be widely implemented to all power units in the Group from April 2018. The CMIS 3.0 developing Project team of EVNICT organized trainings, transferring technology, technique, configuration and parameters of the system for power corporations, ensuring the efficient operation of CMIS 3.0 in units of the Group.

  • 14/03/2018 06:32