Central Power Corporation: Over 90% of electricity bill not collected in cash

This is the goal set by the Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC) in 2020. However, with the outcomes achieved in current years, EVNCPC promises to promptly “reach the destination”.

Positive outcomes

With the desire to diversify the payment channels, creating more convenience for power users, since the end of 2010, EVNCPC has started cooperation with banks, intermediaries in collecting electricity bills.

By September 2018, there were 16 banks and 6 intermediaries cooperating with the Corporation to collect electricity bills in 13 provinces of the Central, Central Highlands. The electricity bills paid via banks and intermediaries have  been continuously increased, accounting for 80% of EVNCPC’s total revenue from electricity bills. Nearly 20% of the remainder is collected at power transaction points or through retail power services. Particularly, with the close cooperation with partners, from July 2017, EVNCPC had basically no longer organized collecting electricity bill payment at the customers’ houses.

Customers can make online payment for electricity bills at customer care website of EVNCPC. (Screenshots)

Effective performance

The Central Power Corporation is striving to year 2020 that the proportion of electricity bill payment in cash will be lower than 10%. Particularly, EVNCPC has encouraged its customers to use monthly automatic debit payment forms, make electricity bill payment via Internet Banking/Mobile Banking, by ATM card, electronic wallet, etc.

The Corporation also promotes the application of information technology into collecting electricity bills, develops EVNCPC portal for electricity bill payment, associates with banks, intermediaries, manages and promptly updates the status of electricity bill payment, connects to e-mail/SMS notification system to make immediate notice to customers after payment. Additionally, in order to help customers with additional payment forms, the Corporation has also provided online payment utility via EVNCPC’s customer care website of cskh.cpc.vn and the customer care application on mobile devices.

In each locality, the power units also flexibly perform different solutions. For example, in Da Nang City, the Power units have focused on cooperation with administrative units, enterprises in paying monthly salary through bank accounts, implemented propaganda, encouraged their employees to use the service automatically extracting electricity bill payment from payroll account, etc. In Quang Binh province, the staffs of power units go to the customers’ houses to introduce to them about utilities, services of online payment of electricity bill, promote propaganda through the mass media, leaflets, loud-speaker systems in communes and wards, etc.

For 20% of the electricity bill revenue currently collected at Power transaction points and through retail power services, EVNCPC has also promoted the propaganda, encouraged customers not to make payment in cash, but through ATM card, POS devices. EVNCPC has recommended banks and intermediaries to jointly coordinate to promote, introduce and organize promotion programs with attractive gifts, encouraging customers to pay electricity bills by online payment forms.

  • 24/09/2018 09:18
  • evn.com.vn