Chairman of EVN's Member Board receives President of Hua Dian Group (China)

On 18 September 2019, Chairman of EVN's Member Board (EVN’s MB) Duong Quang Thanh met and worked with Mr. Wen Shugang - Chairman of Hua Dian Group (China).

MB Chairman Duong Quang Thanh (left) receives Mr. Wen Khu Cuong - Chairman of Hua Dian Group (China).

Discussing with the leader of Hua Dian Group, EVN's MB Chairman Duong Quang Thanh said that Vietnam’s current power source structure is quite diverse with hydro-power, thermo-power, gas-fired power, etc.

In the context of increasing demand for power to serve socio-economic development, while traditional sources of energy are gradually exhausted out, Vietnam has been encouraging the development of renewable energy sources (wind power, solar power, etc.), researching on using liquefied petroleum gas (LNG). 

Chairman of Hua Dian Group (China) - Mr. Wen Shugang said, Hua Dian was actively gradually shifting to investing in and constructing new technology power projects, especially renewable energy and LNG projects. The Group was exploring and promoting opportunities for investment cooperation in power projects in Vietnam, with the goal of jointly developing Vietnam's Power sector in a sustainable orientation.

The leader of Hua Dian Group also said that his enterprise was willing to share and exchange experiences and techniques in issues interested in by EVN. 

  • 18/09/2019 03:21
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