Checking, upgrading power grid for socio-economic development of Thai Nguyen province

Mr. Tran Tuan Anh – Minister of Industry and Trade had a working session with Thai Nguyen leadership on industrial and commercial development including the power system upgrade for agricultural and industrial production in the province.

According to the Minister, the units under the Ministry and EVN have been assigned to check and assess the load demand in order to formulate an investment plan of upgrading the grid for industrial production and balancing capital sources for Thai Nguyen’s program of power supply to rural areas. In which, substation system in Thai Nguyen’s industrial zones and clusters is the main object of investment.

In addition, the Ministry has been positively mobilizing and seeking to resources, especially ODA capital for the program of power supply to rural areas throughout the country. In which, mountainous, island and remote localities, including Thai Nguyen, are prioritized to receive the fund. Based on the funding commitment basis of the partners, Ministry of Industry and Trade considers, adjusts and balances the capital to allocate it to the localities for this significant program’s implementation.

The Minister Tran Tuan Anh requires Thai Nguyen Industry and Trade Department to work with Electricity and Renewable Energy Department (under Ministry of Industry and Trade) to implement a specific consideration on adjusting the scale, investment limit of power supply to rural areas projects in the province, based on that the capital sources are balanced.

At the session, Mr. Vu Hong Bac – Thai Nguyen Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and People’s Committee Chairman stated that, in recent years, in addition to the province’s highly positive result of attracting investment in industry, the number of industrial businesses, zones and cluster in Thai Nguyen has been uninterruptedly increased, leading to an rapid increase in power demand for industrial manufacture.

However, the existing power transmission system, station, etc., has not met the requirement. Thus, the province would like the Ministry to take consideration and guide Vietnam Electricity to support it in meeting the demand, especially in the new industrial zones and clusters such as Yen Binh, Diem Thuy and Song Cong 2.

  • 06/06/2018 10:27