Construction regardless of day and night, timely power supply for 3 active resuscitation centers in Ho Chi Minh City to treat COVID-19 patients

Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) has just completed the power supply for 3 intensive care centers for COVID-19 patients with a total scale of 1,500 beds which were promptly handed over to the hospital's project management boards.

These resuscitation centers are located at Field Hospital No. 13 (Binh Chanh District), Field Hospital No. 14 (Tan Phu District) and Field Hospital No. 16 (District 7).

On August 6, as soon as Tan Thuan Power Company received the request of the authorities, the Company actively coordinated with relevant units to conduct survey and construction continuously 24/24h, to supply power for the intensive care center at field hospital No. 16 (scale of 500 beds). This center is guaranteed to supply power from at least 2 medium voltage sources, including Bo Bang line of Nha Be intermediate station and Binh Thung line of South Saigon 1 intermediate station.

Tan Phu Power Company relocating medium voltage pylons to expand the entrance to field hospital No. 14

In charge of supplying power to the COVID-19 patient treatment and resuscitation center at field hospital No. 13 (with a scale of 500 beds), Binh Chanh Power Company coordinated with the investor to survey and agree on the solution of selecting and using mobile 560kVA substation and the existing generator. On August 7, Binh Chanh Power Company installed a low-voltage automatic power conversion system (ATS) to automatically switch to backup power immediately if the main power failure occurs. In addition, Tan Thuan Power Company also actively increased the capacity of backup generators for the hospital from 1 500kVA generator to 2 generators with a total capacity of 750kVA, ensuring backup power for the hospital to operate in a stable and continuous manner.

Previously, on August 6, Binh Chanh Power Company also completed the installation of an additional mobile 560kVA substation, 400kVA backup generator, low voltage ATS for the hospital.

After 5 days of continuous construction, regardless of day and night, Tan Phu Power Company completed all the preparations for power supply for the construction of field hospital No. 14 (Tan Phu district) and handed it over to the management board of the hospital on August 5. Tan Phu Power Company will continue to closely monitor the construction progress of the hospital in order to promptly supply adequate and continuous power to serve the construction work and the official operation phase.

In addition, more than 6,500 employees of EVNHCMC also have contributed the one-day salary, with a total amount of VND 2.6 billion, to purchase medical equipment to support the frontline against the pandemic in the city.

  • 08/08/2021 12:44
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