Contract signing ceremony of construction and installation package of Ialy Hydropower Plant Project

On April 27, 2021 in Hanoi, Vietnam Electricity and Contractor consortium: Lung Lo Construction Corporation, Truong Son Construction Corporation (Ministry of National Defense), Song Da Corporation, General Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Company, LILAMA 10 Joint Stock Company held the Signing Ceremony of Package 37 (XL-05) - “Construction and installation of Ialy Hydropower Plant Project extend".

Ialy Hydropower Plant Expansion Project has been approved by the Prime Minister for investment policy; The State Capital Management Committee at enterprises approves the feasibility study report for Vietnam Electricity (EVN) to make investment decision; EVN assigned the Power Project Management Unit 2 to be the Investor's representative. The project consists of 2 units with a total installed capacity of 360MW, total investment of about VND 6,398 billion. Once completed, the project will bring about the following effects: Increasing the capacity to mobilize capacity for load in the South, especially during peak hours; Contribute to improving the working mode of the power system (increasing the power and peak power of the load diagram, increasing flexibility in operation, increasing reliability, safety ...), thereby contributing to reducing the production cost of the system. By making the most of the flow capacity by limiting the annual excess discharge, it will increase the average electricity generation output per year by about 233.2 million kWh, contributing to reducing annual fuel costs, reducing deflation. CO2 emissions. In addition, when put into operation, the project also effectively reduces the working intensity of the existing units, thereby prolonging the life of equipment, saving maintenance and repair costs.

Package 37 (XL-05) - Construction and installation of works under the Ialy Hydropower Plant Expansion Project with a total value of 2,365 billion VND. This is a large bidding package of the Project, with complex technical requirements and nature, decisive to the completion progress of the Project. The main construction items of the bidding package include:

• Construction and installation of equipment for the main works such as Intake Gate and Access Canal, Water Tunnel, Pressure Tower, Pressure Pipe, Factory, Drain Canal, TN Water Retaining Wall, Stable treatment of rolling roof and anti-rolling stone, T1 diversion wall and factory flow channel.

• Construction of work items in service of construction such as: Water intake dams; T2 and T2 diversion wall; the auxiliary vaults and niches for construction; Construction-operating roads; Material gathering yard.

Ialy hydropower plant project expands:

Investor: Vietnam Electricity

Representative of the project manager and operator: Power Project Management Unit 2

Construction site: Ya Tăng commune, Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province and Ia Mo Nong commune, Ia Kreng, Ialy town, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province.

Design consulting unit: Electrical Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company 1

Total investment: About 6,398,630 billion VND

Expected commencement: Quarter II / 2021;

Power generation unit 1: Quarter II / 2024; Power generation unit 2: Quarter III / 2024;

Construction completion: December 2024.


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