Cool water glasses on sunny days

Cool water bottles are arranged neatly and conveniently on sidewalks, right at entrance gates of transaction offices of the power sector. "Free drinking water, please drink" is a friendly message with the aim of "assisting" local people on these scorching hot days.

At 15:00, it is still scorching hot in Hanoi, the outdoor temperature is over 40 degrees C. Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue, an environmental sanitation worker, is spending a few minutes for resting and drinking fresh cool water from the water bottle placed in front of Hoan Kiem Power Company. The provision of drinking water for free by the power sector is good for such workers as us”, said Ms. Hue.

Do Phuong Anh (19 years old, a student) has just finished her job of distributing flyers after nearly 4 hours of walking under the severely hot sun. Very tired, Phuong Anh was more "shocked" when she discovered she had left her wallet at home. "Fortunately, this water bottle is here, otherwise I might not be able to go back home" - Phuong Anh happily shared. She also said that she will share this meaningful activity on her facebook page.

Not only workers, foreign tourists also enjoy the fact that water bottles are provided free to people. "The weather is scorching hot in Vietnam. I think those who do this for the community are great" - Royel, a tourist from Bangladesh, commented.

Small gesture - great meaning

In recent days, the heat wave is especially fierce with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, spreading widely in the North and Central regions, making the air stifling, causing a lot of difficulties to people's lives. Not only in Hanoi, many power companies across the country have implemented the program "free water bottles" from June 29, 2019, to share with the people in the harsh and prolonged hot days. Every customer who comes to transaction offices, or anyone who needs to "cool down" from the scorching heat, can use it, especially those who have to work under this extremely difficult weather condition.

This activity will be maintained by member units of the power sector in every heat wave. Although this is only a small activity of electricians, it is very respectful thanks to the spirit of sharing with the community, especially in the context that the power sector is day by day, hour by hour putting great efforts to operate the power system, secure a stable and safe electricity supply to serve the people across the country when the demand for electricity increases dramatically due to the intense heat. recorded some meaningful images all over the country on June 29, 2019:

Free water bottles at the gate of Thanh Khe Power Department (Da Nang City)

A man stopped to drink water provided by Long Bien Power Company (Hanoi).

A glass of cool water somewhat helps workers when they have to work under extreme weather. Photo was taken at 69C Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

  • 28/06/2019 09:41