Coordination procedure in confirming events serving  payments on the electricity market

This procedure has just been specified in Decision No. 11/QD-DTDT, dated 9 February 2018,  issued by the Electricity Regulatory Authority (the Ministry of Industry and Trade) 

This procedure specifies the principles, methodology, sequence  and responsibilities of the units in the coordination of confirming events serving the payment calculation in the competitive electricity generation market. The procedure is applicable to power generation units, system operators and electricity markets.

Under the Decision, there are 18 events needing to be confirmed for payment calculation in the market, including: The units shall generate power or receives the reactive power in mode of sync compensation operation; The thermal power generation units shall be started after being forced to stop in case of excessive capacity; Coal-fired thermal generation units with many boilers shall resume operation once being forced  to stop in case of excessive capacity; Hydropower plants shall participate in regulating the frequency level 1 as required by the power system operating unit and the market; The units with failure duration of over 72 hours, etc.

The Decision is detailed in the attached file.


  • 28/02/2018 03:39