DHD: Rationalizing human resources by Operation control center

Instead of using a dozen of employees as before, currently just 2-3 people are required for each duty shift. That is a practical efficiency achieved by Da Nhim – Ham Thuan – Da Mi (DHD) Hydropower Joint Stock Company since its Operation Control Center (OCC) came into operation.

Practical efficiency

DHD’s headquarter is located in Lam Dong province while DHD has to manage and operate 4 hydropower plants which are dispersedly located in Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan Provinces. This leads to some certain difficulties and limitations in managing production and business activities. In 2012, DHD researched, invested and constructed its OCC and put the Center into operation since December 2013 (for the plant cluster of Ham Thuan – Da Mi) and since March 2014 for the plant cluster of Da Nhim – Song Pha.

After nearly 5 years of official operation, up to now the OCC has experienced a stable operation with a reliable and effective performance of the systems of transmission, communication and data collection without any incident caused by subjective reasons. All the operating actions performed in the OCC are prompt and accurate following the requirements of the National Load Dispatch Center and the Regional one.


Just 2-3 employees required for each operation duty shift of DHD

Putting OCC into operation has basically met the requirements of the Company’s developing strategy in the model of centralized management, promoting efficiency of managing operation of power generation. The OCC has promptly collected and provided full information on the equipment, devices in such plants, the hydrological status in the reservoir basins as well as relevant data for the analysis and assessment of production-business outcome. Accordingly, reasonable price offers for power generation plants are established, efficiently participating in the competitive market of power generation. Moreover, thanks to the OCC, the Company has save much expenses much from renting telecommunication channels because of the reduction in the number of channels from 20 down to 5.

Mr. Do Minh Loc – Deputy General Director of DHD addressed that each operation duty shift of the Company only required 01 head of shift and 01 operator to direct and conduct the plants’ operation. Currently, the Company had been maintaining operation duty teams to work in the plants, for each shift, 2-3 people were arranged to monitor for support, supervise and perform operating actions on site. In the coming period, the arrangement and supplementation of on-site operating teams shall be further adjusted to make it appropriate to the actual requirements.

The model shall be multiplied

According to DHD’s leaders, the most difficult issue to develop the model is the factor of human resources. For the pilot operation of the OCC system conducted in December 2013, the Company has coordinated with the National Load Dispatch Center (A0) in training and organizing examinations to certify 5 Operation shift heads at the Company level who are qualified to direct operation and solve incidents in the power plant clusters of Da Nhim - Song Pha, Ham Thuan - Da Mi in OCC. At the same time, the Procedure on operating and handling equipment incidents in Da Nhim, Song Pha, Ham Thuan, Da Mi plants and the equipment system in the OCC has been issued.

The Company has also coordinated with A0 to develop and issue the Procedure on operation coordination between themselves, in which the mechanism of load dispatch, mobilization and operation coordination, handling of equipment failure in power plants of the Company has been agreed on. Up to now, DHD’s workforce has been able to ensure an efficient and stable operation for the remote control system of OCC.

With the current advantages of human resources, the Company, in the coming period, will further apply modern science and technologies into technical management, repairing and maintaining as well as upgrading equipment and devices. At the same time, the Song Pha Hydropower plant will be completely automated; and an unmanned model will be developed in Da Mi Solar Power Plant (expected to put into operation in June 2019).

  • 24/09/2018 03:25
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