Da Nang Power Company provides roughly calculated electricity bill information for customers every day

Da Nang Power One Member Limited Liability Company (Da Nang PC) has developed and put into use a system of daily electricity meter index lookup. Customers in Da Nang city can monitor and check their electricity meter index by themselves. The system is especially effective in the current scorching season.

Daily electricity consumption index lookup

The electricity meter index lookup system has been studied and deployed by Da Nang PC to support people in Da Nang city to monitor and check their daily electricity meter index by themselves. Accordingly, customers can fully take the initiative in adjusting their electricity consumption to save their living costs.

This system updates meter index many times a day. Accessing https://pcdn.cpc.vn/tracuu/, a customer can view his/her electricity usage status, along with a roughly calculated electricity bill based on the consumed electricity volume at the time of lookup.

Customers in Da Nang city can look up  daily electricity consumption index

A special feature of the system is the active warning of power consumption status. Based on the customer alert setting in number of kWh or as a percentage of the previous month, the system will automatically send an email to the customer when the warning threshold is exceeded at the frequency of 7 times per day. To use this feature, customers need to register emails with the power industry.

Going into trial operation at the end of 2018, the system deployed by Da Nang PC for the first time has contributed to realization of EVN's policy on openness and transparency of electricity meter index.

With full and timely data, the EVNCPC's Data Center server system has satisfactorily met the need of consumption volume calculation. Most of the customers have registered email addresses with the power industry recently, which is also a favorable factor to spread the usefulness of the tool to the people.

Openness and transparency

In June 2020 alone, it was recorded that nearly 54,700 customers accessed the system, or 1.5 times more than the figure in May 2020, showing that the system has gradually become friendly and more welcomed by Da Nang people.

Not only looking up the electricity consumption index or consumption volume warning, other services can be looked up by customers such as: Rough calculation of electricity charge at the time of lookup; schedule of planned power outages; history of electricity consumption and electricity bills in previous months, compared with the same period last year; rooftop solar power output if the customer has installed it.

Currently, Da Nang PC has additionally developed a feature to help detect electric leaks and short circuits. This feature is very useful for customers to use electricity economically, effectively and prevent fire and explosion in the ongoing scorching weather situation.

Da Nang PC introduced a system of electricity index lookup on mobile phones for customers

With initial effectiveness, Da Nang PC has promoted its communication activities so customers are acquainted with and use the system; On the other hand, the company has planned to develop some features to better serve electricity customers.

  • 01/07/2020 03:57
  • evn.com.vn