Dak Lak: Selling electricity generated by rooftop PV systems, customers were paid nearly VND 600 million

According to Dak Lak Power Company, there are 82 rooftop solar PV systems in the province that have signed power purchase agreements with the company, with a total capacity of up to more than 1,800kWp.

Rooftop solar PV systems in the central area of Buon Ma Thuot city

In particular, some customers have large installed capacity of rooftop solar PV such as Buon Ma Thuot Market Business and Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (438kWp); Dak Lak Book and School Equipment Joint Stock Company (86kWp), etc.

Depending on the amount of electricity consumption of customer, the excess output is transmitted to the grid and the power sector purchases with the price regulated by the current regulations. Every month, after the two parties confirm the power consumption and the excess power output generated to the grid, the Power Company will proceed with payment for the customer through bank transfer.

Until now, customers who sell surplus electricity output to the grid have been paid more than VND 592 million in total by the power sector, equivalent to 282,278kWh.

Dak Lak is one of the provinces having abundant solar power potential due to high radiation intensity. Dak Lak Power Company has actively communicated about benefits of rooftop solar power and encouraged customers to install rooftop PV systems, especially in the districts Ea Sup, Buon Don, etc.

Currently, Dak Lak Power Company has already installed a rooftop solar PV system in its head office and further similar installations will be done in its member power units.

  • 26/06/2019 02:34
  • evn.com.vn