Deploying 220kV transmission project to ensure power supply for Bac Kan province

On May 10, in Bac Kan, the Power Transmission Project Management Board (NPTPMB) organized the construction of the second 220kV transformer installation project - 220kV Bac Kan substation. According to the plan, the project is to be completed and energized in 2023.

Once completed, the project will contribute to ensuring long-term and reliable power supply for socio-economic development in Bac Kan province and surrounding areas, enhancing the reliability and transmission capacity of the power grid as well as reducing power loss in the transmission grid, increasing the efficiency of EVN's power production and business.

The project is classified as the energy work of Class I, Group C, implemented at the existing 220kV Bac Kan substation in Khuoi Thieu village, Ha Vi commune, Bach Thong district, Bac Kan province.

The project with a total approved investment capital of more than VND 77 billion is invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation and assigned to NPTPMB to directly manage the project implementation, and Power Transmission Company No.1 to take over and operate it after completion.

NPTPMB deploying construction of the second 220kV transformer installation project at Bac Kan 220kV substation

This second transformer, with a capacity of 250/250/50MVA, after completion, will increase the capacity of the station to 375MVA (Transformer 1 holds a capacity of 125MVA).

To ensure the project's progress, NPTPMB  has requested and assigned the construction contractors to strictly implement the committed terms, ensuring the project is completed on schedule with the best quality.

  • 10/05/2023 12:06
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