Dien Bien’s effort to remove no-electricity village

Bringing electricity to villages in remote areas of Dien Bien province is always one of the difficulties and challenges for local authorities as well as the Power sector. But with the outstanding efforts of the Power sector, the National grid has been present in the most remote villages, with the desire to improve people's economic lives and create motivation for economic development.

Electricity lights up the village

Muong Cha Power workers energizing Ho Cung substation, Cha To commune, Nam Po district.

On November 15, 2023, Dien Bien Dong Power Unit energized 2 substations with a capacity of 50kVA each, with a total length of nearly 3.2km of 35kV lines and 1.5km of 0.4kV lines to new supply electricity to 82 customers with a total capital of VND 5.2 billion. To date, all 14/14 communes in the district access national grid electricity. The whole district currently has more than 20 villages without electricity. The Dien Bien Dong district government also determined that from now until the end of 2025, it will concentrate resources on coordinating with the Power sector to completely resolve villages without electricity. Dien Bien Dong's goal has determined that removing no-electricity village is the number 1 priority.

Not only in Nam Po and Dien Bien Dong districts, Dien Bien province is currently implementing the Rural Power Supply Project for the 2021-2025 period, with the scale of building a power grid system to supply power to more than 9,000 households in 181 hamlets and villages in 8 districts (Dien Bien, Tua Chua, Muong Ang, Tuan Giao, Dien Bien Dong, Muong Nhe, Muong Cha, and Nam Po) including new construction of 570km of medium voltage lines; 175 substations (with a total capacity of 9,435kVA); and 264km of low voltage lines. The rural power grid is increasingly expanding, making an important contribution to economic restructuring, improving material as well as cultural and spiritual life for people of all ethnic groups; and contributing to poverty reduction in the province.

For all border villages to have electricity


Modernizing rural power grid contributes to sustainable poverty reduction and socio-economic development in border and remote communes.

Deputy Director of Dien Bien Power Company Nguyen The Hung said that by the end of September 2023, the number of households in Dien Bien province using electricity from the national grid is nearly 130,000/139,000 households, reaching a rate of 93%; Of which, more than 103,000 households in rural areas have electricity, reaching a rate of 91.37%.

Up to now, the entire Dien Bien province still has nearly 200 hamlets and villages without the access to the national electricity grid in especially difficult areas; and more than 10,000 households do not have access to electricity. Dien Bien Power Company is making efforts with local authorities, departments, branches, and social organizations to bring electricity to remote villages to serve the people, helping improve their spiritual life and develop the local economy.

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