EVN - "Bright Spot" in e-procurement

According to the E-Procurement Center under the Department of Procurement Management (the Ministry of Planning and Investment), Vietnam Electricity (EVN) continues to be the bright spot in the implementation of e-procurement in according with the prescribed roadmap. According to the latest statistics on the National Procurement Network in the middle of December 2017, EVN has surpassed the target set out for 2017 in comparison with the State’s regulations on e-procurement.

Continuously leading and taking prominence

Statistics show that by the middle of December 2017, the number of EVN’s electronic bidding packages was 4,067, accounting for more than 50% of the number of online bidding packages from the early year to now (7,860 packages)

More than 4,000 bidding packages deployed by EVN through e-procurement in 2017 are impressive figures in comparison with the number of bidding packages of the whole country applying e-procurement in the first year following the roadmap as regulated in Circular No. 07/2015/TTLT - BKHDT - BTC. Accordingly, the actual number of electric packages implemented by the Employers/Procuring Entities in 2016 reached 3,327 packages. This number of more than 4,000 packages are also higher than the total number of electric packages of the nationwide in the first 6 months of 2017 (3,300 packages).

According to the roadmap, rate of electric procurement, EVN’s target in 2017 is 50% of online competitive packages and 30% of public packages, online small-scale packages.

As of mid December 2017, EVN exceeded the target of 2017 with 54% (1,910/3,548) of online competitive packages and 38% of online public packages (2.157/5.565).

Therefore, in 2017, for procuring entities including corporations and groups, EVN will always be the leading unit in conducting electric procurement. To gain results above, EVN has made a breakthrough in applying information technology in bidding.

Impressive savings over 30%

Statistics from the national procurement network show that the total value of EVN’s electronic package has reached over VND5,877 billion, of which there are about 330 electronic packages saving over 30%. This is a very impressive saving, as the average traditional bidding saving rate is only around 8.07%.

Another notable point, among the packages developed by EVN in the form of electric procurement in 2017, there are packages attracting a large number of contractors, up to 19 bidders. This is a very impressive number, as the statistics show in 2016, the number of bidders participating in electric procurement in our country averaged 2.6 bidders per package. The first nine months of 2017 data show that the average number of bidders participating in an electronic package is 2.52 bidders/package. Only 25 electric packages attracted many bidders (more than 10 bidders).

  • 03/01/2018 05:26
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