EVN aims to reach power access index of Vietnam at least by 60/190 countries

This is one of the goals set in Directive No.989/CT-EVN on Business and Customer Services (B&CS) in 2018, issued on 28 February 2018, that EVN requires its units to implement.

At Directive No.989/CT-EVN, the Group assigns tasks to its units to ensure adequate power supply for socio-economic development and people’s life with higher quality and reliability.

One of the specific targets for B&CS in 2018 is power access index ranked at ≤ 60/190 nations, economies. According to the Business environment Report 2017 announced by Doing Business - World Bank (WB), Vietnam's power access index has reached 78.69/100 points, rising to 64/190 nations.

In 2018, EVN continues to promote the provision of online electricity services to customers

EVN also requires a strong change in thinking of the unit’s leaders and employees, in which it is necessary to identify that EVN has shifted from providing electricity services to serving customers in a civilized manner, for their customers and enterprises; power corporations, companies select specific targets to strive for the same ranking with leading countries of ASEAN.

EVN’s Business Department continues to review and receive comments of their units on the Regulation on provision of electricity services and Business processes issued in 2017 to propose amendments in the direction of electronicizing transactions with customers, providing online services with transparency, simplification, being easy to implement, etc.

In addition, continuously applying technology in B&CS, promoting the deployment of rooftop solar power energy, saving power are also key tasks in 2018 assigned by EVN to its units.

The Group also requires the units to promote visual and mass media, social network communication on B&CS. Each official, employee should express EVN's corporate culture in each job, towards the long-term and sustainable development of the Group.

Some targets for B&CS in 2018:

  • Commercial power: 190.54 billion kWh, increasing by 9.5% compared to 2017
  • Power loss rate of the entire Group: 7.2%;
  • Power supply reliability index of entire EVN: SAIDI: 728 minutes, SAIFI: 9.97 times, MAIFI: 2.0 times
  • Customer satisfaction level of entire EVN ≥ 8.00 points.
  • Labour productivity in production and business increases by 8-10% compared to 2017;
  • Providing online electricity services

Applying electronic services: 100% power companies apply CMIS 3.0 system in quarter II/2018; 100% B&CS documents are digitized and exploited through the system, etc.

  • 01/03/2018 04:32
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