EVN and some units in the power sector receives the prize of Vietnam Excellent Digital Conversion Enterprise 2019

On 6th September 2019, in Hanoi, Vietnam Digital Communication Association held the awarding ceremony of "Vietnam Digital Awards 2019". Mr. Phan Xuan Dung, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Member of the National Assembly Standing Committee, Chairman of the National Assembly's Committee for Science, Technology and Environment; Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Minister of Information and Communications, Deputy Director of the Central propaganda and training commission; Professor and Academician Dang Vu Minh, President of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations; Professor, Science Doctor Do Trung Ta, former Minister of Post and Telecommunication; Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, former Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, President of Vietnam Digital Communications Association, Head of the organization committee of  Vietnam Digital Award 2019 attended the Ceremony.

This is the second time the Vietnam Digital Award was organized to honor organizations and individuals with significant achievements and contributions to the development of digital technology, making an important contribution to the digital conversion and digital economy development of the nation. The second Vietnam Digital Award has attracted a great participation from bodies and businesses. Since the event was launched in March 2019, the Organization Committee has received 245 applications for 4 categories: Typical digital products, services and solutions; enterprise with excellent digital conversion; State authorities with outstanding digital conversion; Awards for narrowing the digital gap. The criteria for evaluating and awarding Vietnam Digital Conversion Award include: Superiority in features, technology, security and quality of products and services; The prominence of products and services compared with other products of the same type in the market; New products and services with potential applications, etc.

Based on the evaluation of the Council for  Preliminary Round and the Finalist Council, 4 units under Vietnam Electricity were honored as excellent digital conversion enterprises at the Ceremony. EVN has strongly applied and synchronized its information technology systems, effectively serving the management, production and business activities of the Group. As a result, many benefits are brought to power users, contributing to developing a digital economy.

Some typical software products of EVN have been applied and shown their efficiency in production and business such as: Office Management Software (E-office), Customer Management Information System (CMIS), Investment Management Information System (IMIS), Power source and Power grid technical Management Information System (PMIS).

Along with EVN, Information Technology Centre of Vietnam Electricity (EVNICT) whose the Electricity Meter Data Collection Software (EVNHES), was honored with the Award of Typical Digital Products, Services and Solutions. In addition, Ben Tre Power Company with the miniSCADA System and Dong Nai Power One-Member Limited Company with typical products was honored as Excellent digital conversion enterprise.

Over the years, EVN has proactively participated in digital conversion in a comprehensive way with high determination to contribute to promoting the process of national digital conversion to take place rapidly and promptly reaching the set goals. EVN has actively applied IT in its management, production, business and customer service very early.

20 years ago, EVN was one of the pioneers in deploying electronic offices (E-Office). Up to now, all the units under EVN have used the E-Office system to perform their works. EVN has also deployed digital authentication for electronic documents throughout the Group, with the current result that 95% of documents in the Group are circulated electronically.

Especially, in business-customer service, in 2013, EVN was the first unit in the country to issue electronic bills in a large scale. The issuance of electronic bills not only modernized and drastically changed EVN's business operations, but also contributed to paving the way for electronic payment methods and electronic transactions on the Internet platform between EVN and its customers. Since 2013, power services provided by EVN have been equivalent to level 1 online public services. By 2018, EVN’s services were equivalent to level-4 public services - the highest level. Customer transactions with EVN, from service requests to contracts and payments, are performed online via technology platform. In 2019, EVN set the target of providing power services to its customers in the form of electronic transactions.

The diversification of power bill payment channels has also been implemented by EVN in recent years, including online power bill payment through automatic debt deduction, Internet banking, mobile banking, electronic wallets, etc., EVN has made great strides in applying modern technologies to its customer care. At customer service centers of Power sector, EVN not only receives requests and provide consultancy via telephone centers, but also diversifies forms of customer services via website, email, webchat, fanpage, customer caring application on mobile applications, etc. In particular, EVN has successfully applied chatbot - using artificial intelligence (AI) to consult its customers.

EVN’s strong and proper implementation of digital conversion has created a great boost for the Group, maximizing utility services for power users. The customer satisfaction in the Power sector is more and more increasing. The quality of power services was also recognized through positive assessments made by international organizations. In 2018, Vietnam's access-to-electricity index was ranked 27/190 countries and economies in the world and reached Top 4 in ASEAN by Doing Business - World Bank.

Currently, EVN is continuing to focus on implementing Projects of Research, Development and Technology Application of Industrial Revolution 4.0 to the Group's production and business activities. The Group aims to become a digital enterprise based on the application of digital technologies, information technology and technology of Industry 4.0 to all of its areas of operation in order to make EVN an economic group with sustainable and effective development.


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