EVN implements “Customer Gratitude Month - December 2019”

With the responsibility and the spirit of gratitude to power customers, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has implemented the “CUSTOMER GRATITUDE MONTH” in December 2019. This is the 5th Customer Gratitude Month Program  continuously implemented in December every year of Vietnam Electricity with the goal of showing practical actions to convey gratitude to all power customers nationwide on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of Vietnam Power Sector Traditional Day (21 December 1954 – 21 December 2019).

This Customer Gratitude Month - December 2019 is implemented with the message “Modern, transparent, friendly”. Activities in the “Customer Gratitude Month” of EVN are performed nationwide with the aim of sustainable development, contributing to improving the business environment and promoting socio-economic development; modern and professional operation, customer-focused development. Some of the main activities taking place during the Customer Gratitude Month - December 2019 are as follows: 

* Implementing the program of “Enlightening Trust”: repairing, replacing and installing free of charge lines, LED lights for some schools, nearly 10,000 poor households and policy families across the country; installing free-of-charge rooftop solar power for schools and some policy households.

 *  Implementing the program “Cleaning substations without charge” and supporting the inspection and repair work of internal electrical systems for industrial manufacturing customers for free, particularly, with priority given to businesses that have been participating in and well implementing the Program of Demand Response (DR) in 2019.

* Organizing customer conferences at Power Corporations/Companies across the country to send gratitude to the customers from the Power Sector’s staff and workers and also listen to the opinions of customers.

* Announcing the deployment of transactions in electronic form for 100% of electricity services.

* Announcing the deployment of electricity service provision on the National Public Service Portal for 03 power supply services, including: registering and newly supplying power for medium-voltage customers; registering and newly supplying power for low-voltage customers; making payment for electricity bills at the Opening ceremony of the National Public Service Portal of the Government.

All leaders, staffs and employees of EVN are determined to successfully implement the programs and activities in the “Customer Gratitude Month” – in December 2019 by specific actions such as: Shortening the time of new power supply, minimizing time for handling incidents, answering customer complaints, ensuring safe operation of the system, applying technology to improve the quality of production, business and customer service; as well as ensuring  environmental protection and safety. In 2019, facing the difficulties and challenges in power supply, all EVN’s staffs and employees have constantly made efforts to ensure power supply for socio-economic development, continue to enhance and improve the provision quality of electricity services.

In 2019, EVN has deployed electronic transactions nationwide for 100% of electricity services. In December 2019, EVN will deploy the provision quality of electricity services on the National Public Service Portal for 03 services, including: registering and newly supplying power for medium-voltage customers; registering and newly supplying for low-voltage customers; making payment for electricity bill

The Access-to-electricity Index in 2019 has continued to witness improvements for the 6th consecutive year with a score of 88.2 points (an increase by 0.26 point over 2018’s 87.94 points). Vietnam’s Index continues to be on top of the four leading ASEAN countries, while maintaining its position at 27 out of 190 countries and economies. In terms of the number of procedures and implementation time for power supply of the Power Sector, Vietnam has ranked second in the ASEAN region.

The efforts made by EVN have been recognized by society and the community through a series of indicators with positive changes such as: customer satisfaction index, Access-to-electricity index, indicators on power supply quality (SAIDI, SAIFI, etc.). The Group commits to continue promoting the strong digital transformation, effectively applying the achievements of Industrial Revolution 4.0 in business and production to make the procedures more transparent in production, business and customer services. Over the years, EVN has actively participated in digital transformation in a comprehensive manner with a strong determination to improve customer service quality, production and business efficiency and contribute to make the national digital transformation quick and prompt to realize the set target. In past early September 2019, EVN and a number of units under the Sector were also awarded the Vietnam Excellent Digital Transformation Enterprise 2019.

Vietnam Electricity would like to express thanks and gratitude to all power users, agencies, social organizations, news and press agencies who have been accompanying the Group over the past years. Vietnam Electricity is looking forward to further receiving the support and comments from the power customers, social agencies, organizations and media agencies on all production and business activities so that the Group can continue improving much more to meet the increasing demands of society in customer service./.


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