EVN inaugurates Truong Sa Electricity office

Viet Nam Electricity and Southern Power Corporation have cooperated with Truong Sa island district (Khanh Hoa province) to organize the inauguration of the Truong Sa Electricity office for directly serving electricity of the consumers here, which has marked the official presence of the Viet Nam’s electricity industry on the island system of Truong Sa Archipelago.

Implementing the cooperation agreement of supplying power on Truong Sa Archipelago and the DK1 Platform between EVN and High Command of Vietnam People's Navy, on July 18 2017, EVN has assigned the Southern Power Corporation, Ninh Thuan Power Company to take over the clean energy system on the islands since August 2017.

The Region 4 Naval Command has agreed to build and take over the Truong Sa Electricity Office to gradually ensure the continuous and stable power supply, from 10/2018 until now, the office has been completely repaired.

 In the coming time, EVN will continuously invest in repairing the electricity system on the islands while simultaneously receiving the requests of the Navy Command for the increase in of power capacity for use on island areas. EVN continuously maintain, repair and operate clean energy systems to ensure constant and sufficient power supply, thereby contributing to maintain national security and defense, protect sovereignty and develop island economy as well as improve the lives of officials, soldiers and people in the island district.

Some photos at the ceremony:

Leaders of Government Office, EVN, EVNSPC, Navy Army and Truong Sa island district cut the inauguration ribbon for Truong Sa Electricity Office

Signing ceremony of handing-over clean energy system on Truong Sa archipelago between districts of Truong Sa district  and Ninh Thuan Power Company.

Southern Power Corporation and EVN Trade Union giving presents to Truong Sa Electricity workers

Leader of Ninh Thuan Power Company awards officer of Truong Sa Island soldiers

Delegates planted souvenir trees in front of Truong Sa Electricity Headquarters.

  • 15/05/2019 04:01
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