EVN is ready to join Vietnam Energy Emission Reduction Program

That is the assertion of Mr. Nguyen Tan Loc - Deputy General Director of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), in working with the US Agency for Development (USAID) about the Vietnam Low Energy Emission Program (V- LEEP), on July 5th, 2017, in Hanoi.

EVN and USAID exchange contents of cooperation in Vietnam Low Energy Emission Program

Mr. Nguyen Tan Loc said that in the field of power saving, EVN has always been leading the industry and successfully implementing many programs such as: Supporting farmers who plant dragon fruits to change from using incandescent lighting to compact lighting; Supporting customers to install solar water heater; Being the main sponsor and co-organizer of the annual Earth Hour in Vietnam, etc.

Particularly in the field of industry, EVN has implemented programs such as: Supporting large enterprises in energy auditing, providing energy saving services under the ESCO model. However, energy efficiency in Vietnamese industries has not been as successful as expected. "The energy consumption per unit of product in Vietnam is still very large," said EVN leader.

Upon clean energy, EVN has currently invested in a number of solar power projects. In addition, EVN has issued a resolution on implementing solar rooftop models at the headquarters of its affiliated units, especially in the South.

“EVN is ready to cooperate with V LEEP, focusing on training for energy saving and renewable energy development programs,” said Mr. Nguyen Tan Loc.

According to experts from USAID, the USAID-funded V-LEEP Program is being implemented over five years (2015-2020), to assist the Viet Nam Government in developing a policy framework and mechanism to encourage development on low energy emission solutions, while being able to attract public and private investment in renewable energy development and energy efficiency in industry.

The program also contributes to the promotion of key elements of clean energy development such as improving access to technology and finance, building capacity to develop projects that are eligible for bank loans and building up the industry that provides sustainable renewable energy solutions for Vietnam.

  • 05/07/2017 10:44
  • evn.com.vn