EVN transforms itself with digitalization

Up to 30 projects involving digital technology applications have been planned to be implemented by Viet Nam Electricity (EVN) with the aim of improving the quality of services and customer care.

"Great transformation"

According to Mr. Duong Quang Thanh, Chairman of EVN's Board of Directors, Viet Nam Electricity has access to technologies of the fourth industrial revolution very early and so far has finalized a project on study, development and application of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution into EVN's production and business activities.

The goal set by EVN in this reform is to become a leading group in the region, with sustainable and effective development; keeping on promoting the application of digital technology, information technology and technologies of the industrial revolution 4.0 to all activities ranging from generation, transmission, distribution, business - customer service, to operation of power system and electricity market.

EVN has reported the project to competent authorities and received high appreciation for its contents and the willingness of deploying the Industrial Revolution 4.0 of the group.

EVNHCMC is the leading corporation in applying information technology in managing and operating the power grid - Photo: Huong Nhung

Accordingly, 30 specific business areas such as electronic payment, electricity service at level 4, generation, transmission, distribution, etc. are strongly digitized to pave the way to the effective application of digital technology in production - business activities as well as management, operation of power system, improvement of service and customer care quality across the whole EVN.  

As reported, in 2018, Viet Nam's power industry achieved remarkable achievements, standing at the 2nd position in Southeast Asia region and the 23rd in the world in terms of installed capacity of power system. The Getting Electricity Indicator ranks 27th among 190 countries and economies, moving upwards 37 levels compared to 2017.

Online customer service

In addition to ensuring sufficient electricity supply for socio-economic development and daily life, EVN has paid a lot of attentions to customer service activities. Up to now, EVN has delivered electricity directly to more than 26 million customers nationwide.

By providing electricity services equivalent to level 4 of public services, transactions between customers and EVN, from service request to contract signing and payment, are all conducted online, through technology platform.

Specifically, through websites of customer care centers, via emails, social networks (Zalo, Facebook), call centers, power consumers can send requests and the power industry will actively reach customers to provide services, with no any direct contacts with customers at transaction offices needed.

The diversification of electricity bill payment channels such as via banks, intermediaries, etc. has been deployed by EVN since 2015, including online payment through automatic debit payment, Internet banking, mobile banking, electronic wallet, etc.

According to Mr. Vo Quang Lam, Vice President of EVN, if in 2015 only 14.9% of customers paid electricity bills online, in 2018 this figure reached 60% and EVN has become the largest electronic bill payment entity in Viet Nam today.

With electricity service at level 4, in addition to electricity bills, people can now pay for other electricity services, which incur costs, online.

To achieve this achievement, EVN has invested in a technical infrastructure system, connecting EVN with payment intermediaries; at the same time, investing in customer management software system and building payment gateways. Currently, EVN maintains 6 payment gateways, including one of EVN and 5 of 5 power corporations. After customer’s payment, the debt will be automatically cleared and further payment is not allowed.

Currently, EVN sets a target to electronize the entire transaction process of the power industry with its customers. This level is even higher than level 4.

In 2019, EVN will take the first step in providing electronic contracts. With electricity services, customers will not have to sign paper contracts, but sign on the environment online. Just one click, the customer will get a service contract with the power industry with the same validity as a paper contract.

Customer satisfaction level with EVN has increased gradually

Since 2013, EVN has conducted an assessment of electricity service quality and electricity customer satisfaction through independent consultants.

Customer satisfaction level has increased gradually: In 2013, the average score was 6.45/10 points; it was 6.9/10 points in 2014; 7.27/10 points in 2015; 7.69/10 points in 2016, 7.97/10 points in 2017 and it reached 8.11/10 points in 2018.

According to a survey conducted by Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the rate of businesses satisfied with the quality of electricity supply in 2018 was 74%, up 5% compared to 2017 and maintaining the second position in terms of value added service quality in the set of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

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