EVNGENCO 2: Electricity generation output of hydropower plants  in excess of the targeted plan

The Year – end Conference for 2017 and preparing for 2018 plan implementation of Power Generation Corporation No. 2 (EVNGENCO 2) took place in Can Tho City.

General Director of EVNGENCO 2 Truong Hoang Vu said that total production of EVNGENCO 2 in 2017 was 16,744.58 million kWh, increasing by 10.28% compared to 2016. In which, all hydropower plants under the Corporation generated more electricity than the targeted plans, due to favorable hydrological conditions.

As a result, the generation output of EVNGENCO 2 accounted for about 13.67% of the EVN's electricity output and 8.49% of the total national output.

Also in 2017, the Corporation realized the theme "Science and Technology Promotion" in all of its member units, thereby enhancing the operation reliability of power plants, improving the production - business efficiency associated with environmental protection.

EVN’s President and CEO Dang Hoang An (right) and General Director of EVNGENCO 2 Truong Hoang Vu chaired the Conference - Photo: Minh Luong (EVNGENCO 2)

In 2017, EVNGENCO 2's construction investment value reached VND 1,355,812 billion, exceeding 22.9% of the plan. In particular, the Corporation has put into operation four units of Trung Son Hydropower Project on schedule, as well as completed the flood control plan in 2017 of the project.

In 2018, EVNGENCO 2 will strive to produce 16,787 million kWh (excluding oil fired thermal power), increasing by 0.25% compared to 2017.

The Corporation will continue to implement the Plan on improvement of production, business efficiency and labor productivity in the period 2016 - 2020 approved by EVN, striving to fulfill and exceed the economic and technical targets.

In 2017, EVNGENCO 2 has completed the construction and put into operation four units of the Trung Son Hydropower Project - Photo: Minh Ngoc

Speaking at the Conference, EVN’s President and CEO Dang Hoang An requested EVNGENCO 2 to concentrate all its resources on completing the power generation task in 2018, contributing to securing electricity supply to the country; improving the reliability of power units; optimizing operational costs, and improving labor productivity.

EVNGENCO 2 should embark on its equitization process, aiming at a successful IPO in June 2018. In the process of corporate restructuring, the Corporation should attach much importance to the organization and management structure in order to operate in the most effective way.

  • 10/01/2018 03:09
  • evn.com.vn