EVNHANOI develops an application for field work

Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI) has developed an application for fieldwork, thereby contributed to modernizing and improving the quality of power grid management.


Model diagram for connecting the power grid management system using the application for fieldwork of EVNHANOI.

According to the representative of EVNHANOI, when using the former "manual" methods, the field works (such as day/night periodical inspection, equipment test and verification, etc.) faced many difficulties in performing the following stages (such as reporting, processing planning, etc.) because they have to wait for the actual implementation results. This can affect the efficiency of the business production chain.

Therefore, EVNHANOI has built an application for fieldwork to digitize, manage and monitor all the implementation and deployment processes of power grid management. This application will change the entire traditional grid operation mode, helping operators to monitor, control, and collect data throughout the system in a timely and rapid manner to improve supply power reliability.

The application helps to link data, to conduct in parallel works in the field and in the office, such as digital authentication solutions (authentication by electronic signatures, OTP authentication (customers)).

Currently, the application for fieldwork has been put into use at 30 power companies of EVNHANOI. With this application, EVNHANOI will be able to take full advantage of its human resources, evaluate the work efficiency of fieldwork; monitor the journey, the safety of many stages compared to electrical safety requirements; at the same time, eliminating production interruptions, etc. The application also enriches data, serving the better management and administration of EVNHANOI.

  • 19/09/2021 01:19
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